War is the treaty status that signals the two wizards being enemies, intending to damage or conquer each other's territory. AI controlled players can directly Declare War on the human player, setting this treaty status immediately. For ways of this happening, see AI to Player Diplomacy and Need for War. Contrary to this, the human player cannot Declare War on others, however, they don't need to, as they are free to attack anyone, anytime. Successfully conquering a city will automatically set the treaty status to War, and even failing to do that will worsen Visible Relation, and will soon lead to the other wizard Declaring War on the human player instead. Additionally, Threatening to attack has a chance to be interpreted as a Declaration of War by the other wizard, see Player to AI Diplomacy for more information.

Effects of War Edit

AI players will always have their Hostility set to warlike during a War.

AI players will consider cities of the enemy at their full priority when selecting a target for an attack.

Hostile actions towards enemies during War has no, or reduced diplomatic consequences.

Because the entire purpose of warnings is to escalate a situation into War, if there already is a War ongoing, warnings and other negative Diplomatic Reaction messages are not shown to the human player at all.

Continents colonized by the enemy will be selected as a target for an intercontinental invasion at a much higher chance during War.

Ending a War Edit

To end the War, the two players involved in it have to sign a Peace Treaty. See AI to Player Diplomacy, Player to AI Diplomacy, and AI to AI Diplomacy for details.