Visible Relations is the core diplomatic variable which determines the outcome of most attempted interactions between two players in the game. This is the only variable which, although indirectly, is visible on the player's screen when playing the game. Visible Relations is displayed as a single word on the Magic screen under the other wizard's portrait for the relation between the human player and each of the maximal four AI wizards. Visible Relations is hidden for the player between any two AI players, however.

Visible Relations is an integer value which has valid values between -100 and +100. However, the player won't directly see the actual number, instead a word will be displayed, which corresponds to these values :

Hate : -100 to -81

Troubled : -80 to -61

Tense : -60 to -41

Restless : -40 to -21

Unease : -20 to -1

Neutral : 0 to +19

Relaxed : +20 to +39

Calm : +40 to +59

Peaceful : +60 to +79

Friendly : +80 to +99

Harmony : exactly +100.

Visible Relations is a symmetric variable. Two wizards will always have this variable set to the same amount in the relation with each other. The Visible Relation variables of the human player are not used, the human player is free to take any action available to them regardless of their relation with the AI wizards.

Known Bugs Edit

Visible Relations is stored as a shortint value, ranging from -128 to +127. If a large enough change occurs, an overflow can happen, which pushes the variable to the opposite extreme, because there is no range checking.

Example : Attacking a wizard's capital city yields a -60 relation penalty. However, if that wizard is also Lawful, this penalty is doubled. It has been observed in the game that this will often result in an overflow, causing the relations to drop under the -128 barrier and turning into the maximum possible value of +100.

The unofficial 1.50 patch fixes this bug.