Uncommon spells are the 11th through 20th spells of each magical Realm. Uncommon spells include a few mid-tier Fantastic Unit Summoning Spells, but for most realms they largely include low-cost spells that are nonetheless quite effective. Uncommon spells will often be the lynch-pin of a wizard's strategy early in the game, and carefully building one's strategy around the early availability of even one such spell can make a huge impact. Later on in the campaign, Uncommon spells will see a great deal of use, particularly in conjunction with stronger spells (i.e. in support of your increasingly-powerful assets).

Any wizard with at least 1 Spellbook in a magical Realm will be able to research a number of Uncommon spells. The number of such spells available for research is limited by the number of Spellbooks acquired. The exact spells available for research are randomly selected. With 8 or more spellbooks in a single realm, a wizard will be able to research all Uncommon spells of that realm. Uncommon spells require Icon Research.png 300 to Icon Research.png 800 to learn.

With 11 Spellbooks in a single realm, a wizard can pick 2 Uncommon spells from that realm which will be available as soon as the game begins.

Finally, with at least 1 Spellbook in a realm, a wizard may learn any Uncommon spells of that realm through trade with rivals, conquest of rival Fortresses, or as Treasure.

Uncommon Spells
Icon Research.png Res. Icon Nature.pngNature Icon Chaos.pngChaos Icon Life.pngLife Icon Death.pngDeath Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery
300 Cracks Call Lightning Bolt True Sight Drain Power Blur
350 Nature's Eye Fire Giant Plane Shift Possession Disenchant True
400 Ice Bolt Chaos Channels Resurrection Lycanthropy Vertigo
450 Giant Spiders Flame Blade Dispel Evil Black Prayer Spell Lock
500 Change Terrain Gargoyles Planar Seal Black Channels Enchant Road
560 Path Finding Fireball Unicorns Night Stalker Flight
620 Cockatrices Doom Bat Raise Dead Subversion Wind Mastery
680 Transmute Raise Volcano Planar Travel Wall of Darkness Spell Blast
740 Nature's Cures Immolation Heavenly Light Berserk Aura of Majesty
800 Basilisk Chimeras Prayer Shadow Demons Phantom Beast