Treaty Interest is a temporal diplomatic variable. Its purpose is to emulate the mood of the AI wizards : If they have been bombarded with too many treaty offers, they get tired of it and will be less likely to accept any such offer. Treaty Interest is not symmetric. In relations between the human and AI players, only one side of the variable pair is being actively used, but in AI to AI relations, either side can be used depending on which AI player is offering the treaty to the other.

Ways to change Treaty Interest Edit

- During a Diplomatic Reaction, this variable is supposed to be changed by an equal amount as Visible Relations. Unfortunately, there is a bug : It will adjust the variable of the wrong player AND copy it over into the correct variable, overwriting the actual contents with nonsense values.

- In Player to AI Diplomacy, any offer made will decrease this value, offers related to treaties will reduce it more, but trade offers will also do so.

- Likewise, if the AI offers a treaty or trade to the player in AI to Player Diplomacy, it is reduced in a similar way.

- If an AI player decides to conduct AI to AI Diplomacy, even if they ended up not doing anything, their Treaty Interest will be reduced.

- At the end of the turn, if Treaty Interest is below 100, increase it by 10. In the 1.50 unofficial patch, this is reduced to 5 instead.

- At the end of the turn, if Treaty Interest is below 0, add an additional random(1-5).

- At the end of the turn, if Treaty Interest is below 50, add an additional random(1-5). This is cumulative with the above.