Wizard Tlaloc
Default Spellbooks

Icon Book NatureIcon Book NatureIcon Book NatureIcon Book Nature

Icon Book DeathIcon Book DeathIcon Book DeathIcon Book DeathIcon Book Death
Default Retorts Warlord

Tlaloc is one of the 14 Wizards featured in Master of Magic. By default, he has Icon Nature.png4 and Icon Death.png5 Spellbooks at his disposal, as well as the Warlord Retort.

A warmongering musclehead with notions of godhood, Tlaloc plays up his mystique as a wizard-priest by holding sacrificial rites. The mixed fear and frenzy he instills in his troops produces real results on the battlefield.

Tlaloc aims to convert the entirety of Arcanus and Myrror into a brutal slave empire. He will stand at its doctrinal center, rubbing the coins of Icon Nature.pngNature and Icon Death.pngDeath together as its ultimate broker of fertility and retribution. From that position, he will assess his next moves. The Wizard sees anything outside of his control as a matter to be rearranged.

Playing as Tlaloc Edit

Tlaloc's portrait may be selected for a custom Wizard when starting a new game at any Difficulty setting above "Intro" in the official game, or respectively "Easy" in the unoficial patches. Selecting either his default profile or his portrait prevents him from being encountered as an opposing Wizard.

Played on his default spec, Tlaloc can rapidly uncover the map with his Icon Nature.pngNature assets and make informed early decisions on how to proceed. Tlaloc's Normal Units receive a bonus Experience Level, though at the beginning, his Icon ExpLevel 1.png Regulars are not so much greater than neutral and enemy Icon ExpLevel 0.png Recruits as to make a huge difference. This advantage may take some time to cultivate. He should consider the two-pronged approach offered by his magic: protecting troops with Icon Nature.pngNature so that they can survive and advance, and savaging rival Wizards overland with Icon Death.pngDeath to improve their odds further.

Tlaloc as an Opponent Edit

If not chosen, Tlaloc may appear randomly among the computer-controlled opponent Wizards. Their finalized Spellbook and Retort picks strongly influence these Wizards' die rolls for AI Personality and Objective. At the "Normal" Difficulty setting and above, there is a 20% chance of either his Icon Death.pngDeath or Icon Nature.pngNature aspects rolling up into a single color. Taking this into account, Tlaloc's typical traits are predicted below.

Wizard Tlaloc
Personality Objective
Aggressive 33% Expansionist 45%
Ruthless 32% Militarist 39%
Maniacal 18% Perfectionist 9%
Chaotic 9% Theurgist 7%
Lawful 7%
Peaceful 1%

Higher Difficulties subject a Wizard's default profile to increasingly arbitrary adjustments, including exposure to random Realms and skills. At the "Impossible" setting, be prepared for anything.

Starting Spells Edit

At the start of the game, a non-customized Tlaloc knows all spells specified in the table below. The known spells of a randomly generated opposing Tlaloc depend entirely on the type and quantity of Spellbooks. For more information see the Wizard article. How many spells are researchable throughout the game depends on this as well.

Starting Spells depending on Master of Magic Version
official patch 1.31 unofficial patch 1.40
Icon Nature.pngWar Bears
Icon Nature.pngStone Skin
Icon Nature.pngSprites
Icon Death.pngLife Drain
Icon Death.pngGhouls
Icon Death.pngWeakness
Icon Death.pngDark Rituals
    Icon Nature.pngWater Walking
Icon Nature.pngSprites
Icon Nature.pngGiant Strength
Icon Death.pngLife Drain
Icon Death.pngSkeletons
Icon Death.pngBlack Sleep
Icon Death.pngMana Leak