Wizard Sss'ra
Default Spellbooks

Icon Book LifeIcon Book LifeIcon Book LifeIcon Book Life

Icon Book ChaosIcon Book ChaosIcon Book ChaosIcon Book Chaos
Default Retorts Myrran

Sss'ra is one of the 14 Wizards featured in Master of Magic. By default, he has Icon Life.png4 and Icon Chaos.png4 Spellbooks at his disposal. Even though Sss'ra is from one of the Myrran Races and will usually start his game in the world of Myrror, he must use three of his "picks" for the Myrran Retort, which reduces his library of Spellbooks.

The only thing the strange Myrran Races share in common is their bitter hatred of one another. Yet, the Draconian known as Sss'ra aims to expand his powers and unite the feudal clans of Myrror under a new multicultural ideology. His imperium will change the face of his home Plane with coordinated trade, infrastructure, and armaments. With the strength thus gained, he can turn his bloodthirsty races loose upon Arcanus instead, crush its pitiful empires, and end all dispute as to who is the Master of Magic.

Playing as Sss'ra Edit

Sss'ra's portrait may be selected for a custom Wizard when starting a new game at any Difficulty setting above "Intro" in the official game, or respectively "Easy" in the unoficial patches. Selecting either his default profile or his portrait prevents him from being encountered as an opposing Wizard.

Played on his default spec, Sss'ra faces daunting challenges to exploration and conquest as the dark world's very landscape rises to impede him with more vigor than any rival Wizard. This will play out variably by his choice of a powerful Myrran Race to lead. Icon Chaos.pngChaos and Icon Life.pngLife ranks are good in a scrap but need to be deployed in those Lairs and neutral city battles where he even stands a chance in the first place. Once new Races are brought under Sss'ra's banner, he can expect great economic leaps, a stronger Icon Power.png Power Base, and fierce interracial Unrest. Grasping for Mineral wealth and tax revenues through aggressive colonization is the slower, steadier path seen among most Myrran computer-controlled Wizards.

Sss'ra as an Opponent Edit

If not chosen, Sss'ra may appear randomly among the computer-controlled opponent Wizards. Spellbooks and Retorts strongly influence these Wizards' die rolls for AI Personality and Objective. At the "Normal" Difficulty setting and above, there is a 20% chance of either his Icon Life.pngLife or Icon Chaos.pngChaos aspects rolling up into a single color. Taking this into account, Sss'ra's typical traits are predicted below.

Wizard Sss'ra
Personality Objective
Chaotic 45% Expansionist 46%
Aggressive 20% Militarist 21%
Ruthless 19% Perfectionist 17%
Maniacal 9% Theurgist 16%
Peaceful 5%
Lawful 2%

Higher Difficulties subject a Wizard's default profile to increasingly arbitrary adjustments, including exposure to random Realms and skills. At the "Impossible" setting, be prepared for anything.

Starting Spells Edit

At the start of the game, a non-customized Sss'ra knows all spells specified in the table below. The known spells of a randomly generated opposing Sss'ra depend entirely on the type and quantity of Spellbooks. For more information see the Wizard article. How many spells are researchable throughout the game depends on this as well.

Starting Spells depending on Master of Magic Version
official patch 1.31 unofficial patch 1.40
Icon Life.pngHeroism
Icon Life.pngGuardian Spirit
Icon Life.pngHoly Armor
Icon Chaos.pngFire Bolt
Icon Chaos.pngFire Elemental
Icon Chaos.pngEldritch Weapon
    Icon Life.pngJust Cause
Icon Life.pngHeroism
Icon Life.pngHoly Weapon
Icon Chaos.pngFire Bolt
Icon Chaos.pngEldritch Weapon
Icon Chaos.pngHell Hounds