Races All
Construction Cost Icon Production.png 40
Upkeep Cost Icon Gold.png 1
Sells for Icon Gold.png 13
Building Progression
TownBuilding Smithy
Flowchart Up Split DownRight Flowchart Left To Right TownBuilding Stables
Flowchart Up Split DownRight Flowchart Left To Right TownBuilding Marketplace
Flowchart Up To Down TownBuilding Barracks
Flowchart Up To Right Flowchart Upleft Converge Right TownBuilding Armory
Units Unlocked
TownBuilding Smithy + TownBuilding Barracks
Standard Unit Icon BarbarianSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon GnollSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon HalflingSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon HighElfSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon HighMenSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon KlackonSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon LizardmenSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon NomadSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon OrcSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon BeastmenSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon DarkElfSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon DraconianSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon DwarfSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon TrollSwordsmen Transparent

A Smithy is a type of Town Building. It can be constructed in any town belonging to any race, and has no prerequisites. Its base construction cost is Icon Production.png 40.

The Smithy serves primarily as a stepping-stone towards unlocking several other buildings, and is this important for almost any town. Unit-production centers will need it for the Armory and Stables, while most other towns will need it for the Marketplace. Furthermore, together with the Barracks, the Smithy unlocks production of the Swordsmen unit, which is essential in most armies and/or for protection of the town itself.

The Smithy has no further effects of its own, but still requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Gold.png 1 per turn for its maintenance. If you are pressed for Gold, a Smithy can be sold back for Icon Gold.png 13.

Description Edit

A Smithy is a small workshop employing skilled metalworkers, who can fashion tools and weapons out of raw ore. These items are used for equipping new Normal Units, but are also required for construction and other tasks that citizens will need to perform in a burgeoning town.

The building appears as little more than a small shack, with a visible forge outside on the porch, the glow of a furnace seen through a window, and a small chimney on top to get rid of the smoke.

Races and Construction Edit

All Races in the game have access to the Smithy. It is necessary for almost all Normal Unit production, and therefore each race must be able to construct it in order to produce any serious combat units.

A town requires no other Town Buildings in order to create a Smithy - it is available for construction as soon as a town becomes capable of producing anything.

Construction of a Smithy costs Icon Production.png 40, making this one of the cheapest structures in the game.

The Smithy requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Gold.png 1 per turn. Failure to pay these costs does not cause the Smithy to be abandoned - Town Buildings only drain your treasury, so that you have less Icon Gold.png Gold with which to pay for other things.

Continuous Effects Edit

The Smithy has no integral effects of its own. It is used only for unlocking further construction of Town Buildings and/or Normal Units.

Unlocked Town Buildings Edit

Upon its construction, the Smithy immediately unlocks both the Stables and the Marketplace. Stables are required for construction of Cavalry units (if available to the town's Race), and may later lead to the Animists' Guild for more advanced units and better Icon Food.pngFood production. The Marketplace is essential for better Icon Gold.png Gold output, and later leads to more advanced structures of the same sort.

A Smithy is one of the two components required for constructing an Armory - providing weapons for new troops. The other component is the Barracks, which provides them with lodging during their training. The Armory becomes available only once both structures are present in a town.

Unlocked Normal Units Edit

The Smithy itself unlocks no new units for production, since it only produces weapons for their use. In order to unlock new units a Barracks must be built as well - providing a place for new trainees to live during their training period.

With the Barracks Edit

When a town contains both a Smithy and a Barracks, it can begin to produce Swordsmen. All races have access to their own type of Swordsmen, and thus all races can benefit from having both structures present.

Swordsmen are main-line combat units, and will generally become the most numerous Normal Units in any army by the end of the early portion of the campaign. They are somewhat resilient, and improve well with Experience. They are significantly sturdier against Ranged Attacks than they are in Melee combat. However, they cannot fight effectively against strong units like Fantastic Units or Heroes, at least until they gain plenty of Experience.

The Smithy and Barracks combination does not unlock any racial units.

Strategy Edit

Construction of a Smithy is of great importance to unit-producing towns, as it is necessary for any advanced units - starting with Swordsmen and (through the Armory and/or Stables) better units like Halberdiers, Cavalry, and many racial units.

Therefore, any town that will need to produce units better than Spearmen will probably want to construct a Smithy early on. This may even include towns not destined for unit production, but so far away from the nearest unit production center that it's better to establish a local source of Swordsmen for protection in emergencies. Frontier towns come to mind.

Even towns that require no unit production will want to establish a Smithy sooner or later, as it allows access to the Marketplace, which increases a town's Icon Gold.png Gold output. As a result, most towns will end up with a Smithy at some point - especially since it's cheap to construct.

For races with access to the Animists' Guild, production of the Smithy is required in order to build the guild and acquire its strong Icon Food.pngFood bonus - whether or not the town needs to produce units from the Animists' Guild or not.

All told, this is one of the essential structures that any town will want to have at some point. It can sometimes be put off for a while, especially if the town is going to become an intellectual center early on, but unit-producing towns needs a Smithy immediately.

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