Icon Research.png Research Points are one of the three magical resource categories in Master of Magic, and are used to allow a wizard to learn new spells: every spell has a Research Cost, which indicates the number of Icon Research.png Research Points required to learn that spell via magical research.

Basic Spell Research MechanicsEdit

The basic mechanic of spell research are very simple: starting on turn 1, and again at any time when you successfully learn a spell you are currently researching (this includes learning the spell through means other than research, such as finding it as Treasure, trading with another wizard, or capturing another wizard's Fortress), you get the chance to pick a new spell and your research total is reset to zero. Every turn, you generate Icon Research.png Research Points, and when the total meets or exceeds the Research Cost of that spell, that spell is added to your spellbook as a known spell, and you have the option to pick a new research target.

Unlike Spell Skill, there is no overflow with research. On the turn a project completes, you lose any excess points invested. To micromanage this and consider what your next project should be, check the Apprentice (F3).

Generating Magical ResearchEdit

There are three basic sources of Icon Research.png Research Points: Icon Power.png Power, Town Buildings, and heroes with the Sage ability. This gives a basic research total. This is then possibly modified by Spellbooks and Retorts.

Research from PowerEdit

Research from Icon Power.png Power is the simplest but also most flexible source: on the Magic screen simply set the slider for Icon Research.png Research based on how much you want; one Icon Power.png Power for one Icon Research.png Research. You start the game with 33% of your Icon Power.png Power dedicated to Icon Research.png Research. As any leftover Icon Research.png Research is lost when you finish a spell, it may be worth reallocating one or two turns before you expect to finish learning a spell, so the excess is not wasted.

Research from BuildingsEdit

There are four Town Buildings that can generate Icon Research.png Research:

Building Icon Production.png Production Icon Gold.png Upkeep Icon Research.png Research Cost per Research
TownBuilding Library Library Icon Production.png 60 Icon Gold.png 1 Icon Research.png +2 Icon Production.png 30Icon Gold.png 0.5
TownBuilding SagesGuild Sages' Guild Icon Production.png 120 Icon Gold.png 2 Icon Research.png +3 Icon Production.png 40Icon Gold.png 0.67
TownBuilding University University Icon Production.png 300 Icon Gold.png 3 Icon Research.png +5 Icon Production.png 60Icon Gold.png 0.6
TownBuilding WizardsGuild Wizards' Guild Icon Production.png 1,000 Icon Gold.png 5Icon Mana.png 3 Icon Research.png +8 Icon Production.png 125Icon Gold.png 0.63Icon Mana.png 0.38

Of those, the Library is both the most cost effective, and the one that can be built in the widest variety of cities. Note, however, that unlike Icon Power.png Power from structures such as a Shrine, Icon Research.png Research Points cannot be moved around if you need them for another purpose.

Research from HeroesEdit

Any hero with the Sage ability generates Icon Research.png 3 per level of hero, or Icon Research.png 4.5 for Super Sage. Only Zaldron the Sage comes with Sage as a default ability, but there are no fewer than 13 Heroes that can acquire Sage as a Random Ability.

Modification with Retorts and SpellbooksEdit

Once your basic Icon Research.png Research Points have been computed, as above, the game may increase them by a percentage depending on the your Retorts, Spellbooks, and the Realm of the spell, as follows:

All percentages are summed before computing the extra Icon Research.png Research Points, and the final total is rounded down.

Events and ResearchEdit

Any of the Conjunction type Events (Bad Moon, Conjunction of Chaos, Conjunction of Nature, Conjunction of Sorcery, Good Moon, Mana Short) can affect Icon Research.png Research by modifying your basic Icon Power.png Power income, and the events Earthquake and Great Meteor can affect Icon Research.png Research by destroying Town Buildings. However, there are no events that directly affect Icon Research.png Research.

Spells and ResearchEdit

There are no spells that directly affect Icon Research.png Research, though any spell that can destroy Town Buildings will indirectly modify Icon Research.png Research, and the spells Dark Rituals and Transmute can indirectly modify your Icon Power.png Power (and thus the amount of it you can allocated to Icon Research.png Research).