Realm Icon Nature.pngNature
Spell Rarity Rare
Spell Type Combat Instant
Casting Cost Icon Mana.png 35
Research Cost Icon Research.png 960

Each Icon Figure.png figure in the target unit must Resist or be destroyed.

Units with Stoning Immunity completely ignore this spell.

Petrify is a Rare Combat Instant belonging to the Icon Nature.pngNature Magic realm. For Icon Mana.png 35 it may be cast on an enemy unit during combat. Each Icon Figure.png figure in the targeted unit makes a Resistance roll, with failure meaning the instant death of that figure. Petrify is a Stoning Damage attack, so enemy units with Stoning Immunity will never fail their Resistance rolls against this spell.

Effects Edit

Petrify attempts to turn an entire enemy unit into stone, instantly killing any number of Icon Figure.png figures from that unit.

Petrification Edit

Petrify delivers a single attack against a targeted enemy unit during combat, delivering Stoning Damage.

When the spell is cast on a unit, each Icon Figure.png figure in that unit gets to make its own Resistance roll. If a figure fails its roll, it is destroyed immediately. If all figures in the target unit have failed their Resistance rolls, the unit is completely destroyed.

This Stoning Damage attack does not modify the unit's Icon Resist.png Resistance score, so units with Icon Resist.png 10 or higher are completely immune to it.

The same goes for units with Stoning Immunity: they may not be affected by this spell.

Usage Edit

Petrify may only be cast during combat, for the Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 35. It must be targeted at an enemy unit. Although it is possible to target an enemy unit possessing Icon Resist.png 10 (or higher) or the Stoning Immunity ability, such units will not be affected by the spell and thus casting it upon them is simply a waste of Icon Mana.png Mana.

The visual effect showing Petrify in action is a puff of green-colored smoke covering the targeted unit. Each Icon Figure.png figure in the unit which fails its Resistance roll will simply disappear (killed off).

Acquisition Edit

As a Rare Icon Nature.pngNature spell, Petrify may become available to any Wizard who possesses at least Icon Nature.png2 Spellbooks. However, its availability during the game is not guaranteed unless the Wizard acquires at least Icon Nature.png10 Spellbooks.

Customized Wizards possessing Icon Nature.png11 Spellbooks at creation time may choose this spell as one of their default spells before starting the game, in which case the spell will already be researched and available for casting immediately on the first turn.

Wizards with Icon Nature.png2 to Icon Nature.png9 Spellbooks have a random chance of being able to Research Petrify during the game. The chance for this spell to appear for research increases with the number of Icon Nature.pngNature Spellbooks the Wizard possesses or obtains during gameplay. With Icon Nature.png10 or Icon Nature.png11 Spellbooks, the spell is guaranteed to appear for Research at some point, if it is not already available for casting.

Petrify has a base Research Cost of Icon Research.png 880.

With at least Icon Nature.png2 Spellbooks, the Petrify spell may be acquired as a reward for winning encounters in creature Lairs, Towers, et cetera, or when conquering the Fortress of a rival wizard who has already researched this spell.

Strategy Edit

Petrify can be an extremely dangerous spell to use against low-tier Normal Units or any other unit that has a low Icon Resist.png Resistance score. It stands a good chance of utterly destroying such units, or at least killing off most of their Icon Figure.png figures.

Unfortunately, the spell is far less effective against highly Icon Resist.png Resistant units, but still has some chance of killing powerful creatures instantly if they possess Icon Resist.png 9 or less. The chance of this, however, is much lower.