The Peace Counter is a variable that keeps track of the effect of a Peace Treaty. During each turn, the Peace Counter was supposed to be reduced by one, until it reaches zero. However, this actually happens twice per turn, and one of them does not check for reaching zero properly, so it is possible for the counter to turn negative, it is unknown whether this causes any side effects or not.

As long as the Peace Counter is not zero, the AI wizard cannot

- Break Treaty or Declare War through the Need for War checks towards that wizard.

- Assign any priority to targeting cities owned by the other wizard with curses.

- consider that player as a target for hostile spells such as Spell Blast or Drain Power.

- reevaluate hostility to any value other than None unless the other wizard is already casting the Spell of Mastery.

However, the counter has no effect on the human player at all : They can still attack or hurt the AI player, which will not reset the Peace Counter, although might result in increased Hostility and loss of Visible Relation. Since the Peace Counter does not actually prevent attacks, if Hostility is set to Annoyed from an incoming attack, the AI player will be able to attack in return, although they still won't be able to use curses due to the Peace Counter. If the player decides to cast hostile spells, the AI isn't able to retaliate until the counter reaches zero, because spells do not increase Hostility. The 1.50 unofficial patch changes this behavior : any negative Diplomatic Reaction will reduce the Peace Counter by half the action's base strength.

Ways to alter the Peace Counter Edit

-At the end of the turn, it decreases by one automatically. In versions prior to 1.50, it was decreased twice.

-Forming a Peace Treaty sets it for the AI towards the human player to random(6-13). In the 1.50 unofficial patch, it also sets it for peace between two AI players, and the amount is random(15-40).

-Threatening a wizard in Player to AI Diplomacy, can possibly set the counter if the threats are successful.

- Casting Subversion on a wizard will set the Peace Counter of that wizard towards everyone else to zero as well as everyone else's Peace Counter towards that wizard to zero.