Advisor Nature
Nature Quick Reference
Summoning Unit
Combat Special
Common War BearsEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 130
Casting Cost: 70 mana
Upkeep: 2 mana/turn
Summons a group of ferocious bears.

SpritesEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 220
Casting Cost: 100 mana
Upkeep: 3 mana/turn
Summons sprites. Sprites are small, flying forest creatures that can hurl tiny magic attacks over long distances.
Resist ElementsEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 40
Casting Cost: 5/25 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Gives a target unit increased resistance (+3) to the elemental magics of chaos and nature, and improved defense against normal magic ranged attacks (+3 to ranged defense).

Giant StrengthEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 80
Casting Cost: 8/40 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Makes a target unit's creatures stronger (adds +1 to each figure's melee attack strength).

Stone SkinEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 160
Casting Cost: 10/50 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Causes a target unit's skin to harden, increasing the unit's defense (shields) by one.

Water WalkingEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 190
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Endows a unit with the ability to walk on water. The unit's movement speed remains unchanged.
Wall of StoneEffects: City Enchantment
Target: city
Research Cost: 60
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Surrounds a target city with a sturdy stone wall.
Earth to MudEffects: Instant Combat
Target: 5 x 5 area
Research Cost: 20
Casting Cost: 15 mana
Upkeep: none
Turns a 5 x 5 area into thick, sticking mud for the duration of a battle. Mud costs a unit (enemy or friendly) all its movement points to enter. Flying and non-corporeal units are unaffected.

WebEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 100
Casting Cost: 10 mana
Upkeep: none
Casts a sticky, 12 hit point web over a target unit. Creatures cannot move until they destroy the web with melee and magic ranged attacks. Web remnants prevent flying units from flying for the rest of the battle.
Earth LoreEffects: Instant
Target: map window
Research Cost: 250
Casting Cost: 30 mana
Upkeep: none
Fully reveals terrain, terrain specials, and cities on all squares in a target 'map window.'
Uncommon Giant SpidersEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 450
Casting Cost: 200 mana
Upkeep: 4 mana/turn
Summons two giant, poisonous, web-casting spiders.

CockatricesEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 620
Casting Cost: 275 mana
Upkeep: 8 mana/turn
Summons a cockatrice. The deceptively soft, feathered touch of the cockatrice is capable of turning even the hardiest creatures to stone.

BasiliskEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 800
Casting Cost: 325 mana
Upkeep: 7 mana/turn
Summons a giant basilisk. Basilisks are so frightening to behold that they can turn their enemies to stone simply by gazing in their direction.
Path FindingEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 560
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Endows a target unit (and friendly units stacked with it) with the ability to travel over all land terrain as if it were traveling over roads (i.e., the cost is only 1/2 movement point per square).
Nature's EyeEffects: City Enchantment
Target: city
Research Cost: 350
Casting Cost: 75 mana
Upkeep: 1 mana/turn
Extends the scouting range of a friendly target city to 4 squares in any direction, revealing all lands and all non-invisible enemy troops within that radius.
Cracks CallEffects: Instant Combat
Target: map square
Research Cost: 300
Casting Cost: 20 mana
Upkeep: none
Rends the earth. Any non-flying, corporeal creature standing over the newly created fissure has a 25% chance (regardless of defense) of dying. Stone walls that cross the fissure are destroyed.

Ice boltEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 400
Casting Cost: 10+ mana
Upkeep: none
Showers a target unit with shards of ice (strength 5 magic cold attack, with every extra point of magic power spent adding a strength of 1 to the attack).
Change TerrainEffects: Instant Overland
Target: map square
Research Cost: 500
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Alters a target map square, changing deserts, forests, hills and swamps to grasslands; grasslands to forests; volcanoes to mountains; and mountains to hills. Terrain not listed is not a valid target.

TransmuteEffects: Instant Overland
Target: map special
Research Cost: 680
Casting Cost: 60 mana
Upkeep: none
Transforms coal and ores in hills and mountains: coal to gems, iron to gold and silver to mithril. Transmute will also reverse these transofrmations: gems to coal, gold to iron, and mithril to silver.

Nature's CuresEffects: Instant Overland
Target: map square
Research Cost: 740
Casting Cost: 75 mana
Upkeep: none
Completely heals all units (except for creatures of death) that are stacked in a target land square.
Rare Stone GiantEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1040
Casting Cost: 450 mana
Upkeep: 9 mana/turn
Summons an enormous, wall-crushing stone giant. The massive stone giant is imperivous to stoning attacks and can hurl huge boulders at its enemies.

GorgonsEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1400
Casting Cost: 600 mana
Upkeep: 15 mana/turn
Summons gorgons. These monstrosities, just as their mythological namesakes, are so ugly and frightening to behold that enemies who mistakenly peek in their direction are turned to stone.

Earth ElementalEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 1700
Casting Cost: 60 mana
Upkeep: none
Summons an earth elemental. The creature cannot be summoned if there are already nine friendly units on the battlefield. The wall-crushing earth elemental disappears when the battle is over.
Elemental ArmorEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 880
Casting Cost: 35/175 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Improves a target unit's defenses (shields) and resistance to Chaos and Nature magic (crosses), by 10 each. These bonuses do not exert cumulative effects with the spell resist elements.

Iron SkinEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 1120
Casting Cost: 40/200 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Fuses iron with a target unit's skin, making it able to withstand most attacks (adds 5 to defense).
Gaia's BlessingEffects: City Enchantment
Target: city
Research Cost: 1600
Casting Cost: 300 mana
Upkeep: 3 mana/turn
A target city's maximum food harvest increases by 50%. Every turn there is a 10% chance the city's deserts convert to grasslands and volcanoes to verdant hills, and a 20% chance that its corrupted lands return to their pristine state.
PetrifyEffects: Instant Combat
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 960
Casting Cost: 35 mana
Upkeep: none
Attempts to turn an entire enemy unit into stone.
Ice StormEffects: Instant Overland
Target: map square
Research Cost: 1200
Casting Cost: 200 mana
Upkeep: none
Causes the skies above a target map square to rain down a torrent of icy hail. All figures occupying that area are struck with a strength 6 magic cold attack.

EarthquakeEffects: Instant Overland
Target: city
Research Cost: 1300
Casting Cost: 200 mana
Upkeep: none
Causes a violent earthquake to shake a target city. All buildings have a 10% chance of being destroyed. All non-flying, corporeal creatures have a 15% chance of dying.

Move FortressEffects: Instant Overland
Target: fortress
Research Cost: 1500
Casting Cost: 200 mana
Upkeep: none
Moves a wizard's enchanted fortress (with summoning circle, if the circle has not previously been moved) to the target friendly city.
Very Rare BehemothEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 2000
Casting Cost: 700 mana
Upkeep: 15 mana/turn
Summons a fierce behemoth. A behemoth is one of the strongest creatures that can be summoned to Arcanus and Myrror.

ColossusEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 3500
Casting Cost: 800 mana
Upkeep: 17 mana/turn
Summons an awe-inspiring colossus. A colossus is a rock-wielding fighting machine immune to all known forms of poison and petrification.

Great WyrmEffects: Summoning
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 5000
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: 20 mana/turn
Summons a gigantic, poisonous, tunneling land wyrm. For all its bulk a great wyrm, with its ability to tunnel underground, is frighteningly fast on the battlefield.
RegenerationEffects: Unit Enchantment
Target: one unit
Research Cost: 1850
Casting Cost: 60/300 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Target unit can regenerate during combat (1 hit point / turn) and afterwards (immediate return to full health). If the unit dies during combat, it returns in full health if its side won. Spell cannot return a creature that has been banished or unsummoned.
Earth GateEffects: City Enchantment
Target: city
Research Cost: 4000
Casting Cost: 250 mana
Upkeep: 5 mana/turn
Creates a teleporting device within a target city. Friendly units can teleport between any two of the casting wizard's cities equipped with earth gates, for the cost of one movement point.
Nature AwarenessEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: map
Research Cost: 2500
Casting Cost: 800 mana
Upkeep: 7 mana/turn
Reveals all lands, cities and non-invisible creatures on both Arcanus and Myrror!

Herb MasteryEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: all units
Research Cost: 4500
Casting Cost: 1000 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
Completely heals all of a wizard's damaged units every game turn.

Nature's WrathEffects: Global Enchantment
Target: n/a
Research Cost: 6000
Casting Cost: 1250 mana
Upkeep: 10 mana/turn
For every non-combat death or chaos spell cast, all the casting wizard's cities suffer tremors. Each non-flying, corporeal unit has a 10% chance of dying and each building has a 5% chance of collapsing.
EntangleEffects: Combat Enchantment
Target: non-flying units
Research Cost: 2250
Casting Cost: 50 mana
Upkeep: none
Causes all non-flying, corporeal enemy creatures to lose one movement point per turn. If a creature's movement points are zero, it cannot attack or move the rest of combat; but it can still strike back if attacked.

Call LightningEffects: Combat Enchantment
Target: opponent
Research Cost: 3000
Casting Cost: 60 mana
Upkeep: none
Calls a powerful electrical storm from which deadly lightning bolts issue. Three to five lightning bolts of strength 8 strike random enemy units at the beginning of every turn until the end of combat.

The Icon Nature.pngNature Realm is one of the six magical Realms in Master of Magic. Nature is somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades school, though its forte may be in summoning whole armies of powerful magical creatures to stampede opponents. The Nature Realm has numerous Summoning Spells at all Rarity levels, and the creatures accessed by casting them are mobile and tough.

The other spells of this school are directed at the ground, as often as not, and offer more esoteric effects and tools to the wizard. These include minor protections, snares in combat, fast exploration, and even wholesale terraforming. Nature is mildly opposed to Chaos; while wizards are not barred from owning spellbooks of both colors, green offers some direct counters to red.

A very practical color for the human player, this realm buffs his followers (though not as over-the-top as Icon Life.pngLife), hits hard (though not with the force of Icon Death.pngDeath or Icon Chaos.pngChaos), and plays unconventionally (though not so much so as Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery). Experienced players who choose to forego nature books altogether tend to miss them.

Description Edit

Master of Magic's documentation declares that green magic is "rooted in the land," a part of Arcanus and Myrror. There may still be a Nature Realm, a lush parallel plane of existence that embodies pure natural concepts, powers the Nature Nodes, and serves as home to the various Fantastic Creatures linked with this school. These beings are decidedly supernatural, with qualities like impossible size and strength and the ability to turn enemies to stone. They are sustained in the mundane world with binding rituals and a steady infusion of mana.

The Nature Realm is the object of both study and worship by animistic cults in the game, and by any agency opposed to Chaos. Recognizing the value of good crop yields at home and a resilient front line, even wizards with no interest in this school of magic may bankroll druidic and shamanic orders in their territories. Nature magic seems to manifest in the evocation of biomatter, water, earth, and ice, and lends itself well to peaceful endeavors. It offers its share of violent ways to maintain the status-quo, as well.

Advisor Nature
A wizard with mainly Nature spellbooks will take a Serpent as a familiar. Serpents are an ancient symbol of death and creation in cultures across the world. The green hue signifies fertility.

Realm Details Edit

Nature has 10 spells per degree of Spell Rarity, totaling 40 spells with a cumulative research cost of Icon Research.png 59,950. Each member holds a discrete cost increment along the spectrum between Icon Research.png 20 (Earth to Mud) and Icon Research.png 6,000 (Nature's Wrath).

Green spells have a tendency to aim directly at the map tiles, for the benefit of the caster's side or the frustration of his enemies. It also has a variety of direct summoning spells.

List of Nature Spells Edit

Name Rarity Type Target Overland
Icon Research.png
Basilisk Uncommon   Summoning Spell -- ­325 -- 7 ­800
Behemoth ­Very Rare Summoning Spell -- ­700 -- ­15 ­­2000
Call Lightning ­Very Rare Combat Enchantment   -- -- ­60 -- ­­3000
Change Terrain Uncommon Instant Spell Map square 50 -- -- ­500
Cockatrices Uncommon Summoning Spell -- ­275 -- 8 ­620
Colossus ­Very Rare Summoning Spell -- ­800 -- ­17 ­­3500
Cracks Call Uncommon Combat Instant Combat tile -- ­20 -- ­300
Earth Elemental ­Rare Summoning Spell Combat tile -- ­60 -- ­­1700
Earth Gate ­Very Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city     ­250 -- 5 ­­4000
Earth Lore Common Instant Spell Map square 30 -- -- ­250
Earth to Mud Common Combat Instant Combat tile -- ­15 -- 20
Earthquake ­Rare Instant Spell Enemy city ­200 -- -- ­­1300
Elemental Armor ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­175 ­35 5 ­880
Entangle ­Very Rare Combat Enchantment -- -- ­50 -- ­­2250
Gaia's Blessing ­Rare Town Enchantment Friendly city ­300 -- 3 ­­1600
Giant Spiders Uncommon Summoning Spell -- ­200 -- 4 ­450
Giant Strength Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 40 8 1 80
Gorgons ­Rare Summoning Spell -- ­600 -- ­15 ­­1400
Great Wyrm ­Very Rare Summoning Spell -- ­­1000 -- ­20 ­­5000
Herb Mastery ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1000 -- ­10 ­­4500
Ice Bolt Uncommon Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­10+ -- ­400
Ice Storm ­Rare Instant Spell Map square ­200 -- -- ­­1200
Iron Skin ­Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­200 ­40 5 ­­1120
Move Fortress ­Rare Instant Spell Friendly city ­200 -- -- ­­1500
Nature Awareness   ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­800 -- 7 ­­2500
Nature's Cures Uncommon Instant Spell Map square 75 -- -- ­740
Nature's Eye Uncommon Town Enchantment Friendly city 75 -- 1 ­350
Nature's Wrath ­Very Rare Global Enchantment -- ­­1250 -- ­10 ­­6000  
Path Finding Uncommon Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 50 -- 1 ­560
Petrify ­Rare Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­35 -- ­960
Regeneration ­Very Rare Unit Enchantment Friendly unit ­300 ­60 ­10 ­­1850
Resist Elements Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 25 5 1 40
Sprites Common Summoning Spell -- ­100 -- 3 ­220
Stone Giant ­Rare Summoning Spell -- ­450 -- 9 ­­1040
Stone Skin Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 50 ­10 1 ­160
Transmute Uncommon Instant Spell Map square 60 -- -- ­680
Wall of Stone Common Instant Spell Friendly city 50 -- -- 60
War Bears Common Summoning Spell -- 70 -- 2 ­130
Water Walking Common Unit Enchantment Friendly unit 50 -- 1 ­190
Web Common Combat Instant Enemy unit -- ­10 -- ­100

Rival Wizards Edit

Main article: Wizard

When the world is generated, computer-controlled wizards each make a lottery-ball style roll for Personality and Objective. These traits modify the wizard's behavior, giving them some hard-to-resist compulsions and adding flavor. If the wizard's shelf is stocked primarily with Icon Nature.pngNature Spellbooks, this realm will influence the rolls, tending the wizard towards a Personality of "Lawful" and an Objective of "Perfectionist" (but no guarantees). In cases where spellbook ranks are tied, and the game needs to decide which realm conveys influence, precedence descends in this order:

Icon Nature.png Icon Sorcery.png Icon Chaos.png Icon Life.png Icon Death.png

Since Nature takes precedence over the other colors, a default split-profile wizard like Merlin (Icon Life.png5 Icon Nature.png5) will take a personality and objective corresponding to probabilities dictated by his Nature ranks, not his Life ones.

The table below shows the chances each character trait has of appearing on a Nature wizard, before accounting for the influence of Retorts.

    Icon Book Nature     Personality Objective
Lawful 50% Perfectionist 40%
Peaceful 20% Theurgist 20%
Aggressive 10% Militarist 20%
Ruthless 10% Expansionist 20%
Chaotic 10%
Maniacal --
On the diplomatic scale of 100 to -100, a "Lawful" wizard has a +10 Core Reaction to all of the other wizards, including the human player. Before performing a hostile act, this wizard formally nullifies treaties. The chance of this happening is reduced by 40 percentage points (usually to zero or less) unless the player has violated a treaty before, in which case it is increased by 40 percentage points. Diplomatic point losses are always doubled with a "Lawful" wizard. Generally, these wizards are a ticking time bomb... softer, even, than "Peaceful" until relations dip negative or a treaty gets broken, at which point they get extremely belligerent.
A "Perfectionist" wizard has double the chance of initiating construction of a Town Building, and a correspondingly reduced chance of commencing work on a new unit. The wizard is also dedicated to throwing positive enchantments on his cities, when these are available.

Aggression against computer-controlled green wizards may need special preparation. Nature spells are surprisingly vicious in combat, and on high difficulty settings, these players build up a strong military-industrial concern. Since the wizards are benign and do not gain any overland attacks through this realm until late, you have time to prepare.

Green Diplomacy Modifiers Edit

Rival wizards make one initial adjustment to their Core Reaction to a green wizard (human or otherwise):

  • +2 per Icon Nature.pngNature Spellbook shared in common with the rival    

Example: Tlaloc adjusts his Core Reaction to Freya by +8 (Icon Nature.png4 held in common) Leader personalities, retorts, and other spellbooks will make further adjustments.

Fantastic Units Edit

There are eleven Fantastic Units associated with Icon Nature.pngNature, all of which are vanguard attack units designed for muscle in combat. One, the Earth Elemental, is a combat-only summon, while the rest are called into the game by ordinary overland Summoning Spells. The Earth Elemental is the most hard-hitting and durable combat summon there is, but it's a Rare Spell.

The Common entries, War Bears and Sprites, can fill substantial roles when selected as starting spells. The War Bears are a strike unit, on par perhaps with a generic Icon ExpLevel 3.png Elite Cavalry unit, that may come into sudden demand with the appearance of a Mountaineer (since the bears are Foresters, the combined stack achieves Pathfinding). The Sprites are a higher-budget item, able to fly and pelt enemies with four magical volleys per battle; they can explore for choice targets of conquest early on, and may even be able to lay siege to places without being at risk themselves.

The Uncommon Giant Spiders, Cockatrices, and Basilisk are expensive to research and produce. They test enemy Icon Resist.png Resistance and make good company for heroes and mixed attack forces. The Rare Stone Giant and Gorgons play to the same tune. The three Very Rare members of this realm, the Behemoth, Colossus, and Great Wyrm, are gigantic monsters, with high attack, defense, and hitpoint scores.

Most Nature Realm creatures have high initiative. To begin with, they have a Movement Allowance of at least Icon Movement Ground2 (or in the case of the Earth Elemental, he can appear on a chosen combat tile and attack immediately). The Great Wyrm can also teleport anywhere on the battlefield. The Giant Spiders can snare enemy units, and the Basilisk can attack flying units because it has a Gaze Attack. Some of the units have strong ranged attacks or stoning attacks designed to bully the enemy before melee begins, and the units of the realm are generally quite good in melee.

Fantastic Creatures of Icon Nature.pngNature
Icon Name Icon Research.png C U Icon MultiFigureUnit Moves Icon Melee Normal.png Icon Ranged Bow.png Icon Defense.png Icon Resist.png Icon Hits.png Icon ToHit.png
Unit Icon WarBears Transparent War Bears Icon Research.png 130 Icon Mana.png 70 Icon Mana.png 2 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 2 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 7 Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 6 Icon Hits.png 8
Unit Icon Sprites Transparent Sprites Icon Research.png 220 Icon Mana.png 100 Icon Mana.png 3 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4 Icon Movement Air2 Icon Melee Normal.png 2 Icon Ranged Magic.png 3 Icon Defense.png 2 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 1 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Ranged Attack x4, Forester
Unit Icon GiantSpiders Transparent Giant Spiders Icon Research.png 450 Icon Mana.png 200 Icon Mana.png 4 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 2 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 4 Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 10 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Web Spell, Poison Touch 4
Unit Icon Cockatrices Transparent Cockatrices Icon Research.png 620 Icon Mana.png 275 Icon Mana.png 8 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4 Icon Movement Air2 Icon Melee Normal.png 4 Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 3 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Stoning Touch
Unit Icon Basilisk Transparent Basilisk Icon Research.png 800 Icon Mana.png 325 Icon Mana.png 7 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 15 Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 7 Icon Hits.png 30 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Stoning Gaze -1
Unit Icon StoneGiant Transparent Stone Giant Icon Research.png 1,040 Icon Mana.png 450 Icon Mana.png 9 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 15 Icon Ranged Boulder.png 15 Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 20 Icon ToHit.png +20%
Ranged Attack x2, Mountaineer, Poison Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Wall Crusher
Unit Icon Gorgons Transparent Gorgons Icon Research.png 1,400 Icon Mana.png 600 Icon Mana.png 15 Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4 Icon Movement Air2 Icon Melee Normal.png 8 Icon Defense.png 7 Icon Resist.png 9 Icon Hits.png 9 Icon ToHit.png +20%
Stoning Gaze -2
Unit Icon EarthElemental Transparent Earth Elemental Icon Research.png 1,700 Icon Mana.png 60 n/a1 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground1 Icon Melee Normal.png 25 Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Resist.png 8 Icon Hits.png 30 Icon ToHit.png +10%
Poison Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Wall Crusher
Unit Icon Behemoth Transparent Behemoth Icon Research.png 2,000 Icon Mana.png 700 Icon Mana.png 15 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 25 Icon Defense.png 9 Icon Resist.png 10 Icon Hits.png 45 Icon ToHit.png +20%
Unit Icon Colossus Transparent Colossus Icon Research.png 3,500 Icon Mana.png 800 Icon Mana.png 17 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground2 Icon Melee Normal.png 20 Icon Ranged Boulder.png 20 Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Resist.png 15 Icon Hits.png 30 Icon ToHit.png +30%
Ranged Attack x2, Poison Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Wall Crusher, First Strike
Unit Icon GreatWyrm Transparent Great Wyrm Icon Research.png 5,000 Icon Mana.png 1,000 Icon Mana.png 20 Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1 Icon Movement Ground3 Icon Melee Normal.png 25 Icon Defense.png 12 Icon Resist.png 12 Icon Hits.png 45 Icon ToHit.png +30%
Merging, Poison Touch 15
1 : Combat summon, disappears at end of battle.

Item Crafting Edit

Ranks in this color unlock the following spell-like effects that may be employed in Item Crafting, to augment heroes' gear. Spell knowledge allows combat spells to be Charged into an item.

Ranks Item Powers Unlocked
Icon Nature.png2 Resist Elements  
Water Walking
Icon Nature.png3 Pathfinding
Giant Strength
Icon Nature.png4 Elemental Armor
Icon Nature.png6 Regeneration
Icon Nature.pngSpell Charges
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Earth to Mud Cracks Call Elemental Armor Regeneration
Resist Elements Ice Bolt Petrify Entangle
Giant Strength Iron Skin Call Lightning
Web Earth Elemental
Stone Skin

Nature Encounter Zones Edit

Creatures of Icon Nature.pngNature appear very frequently as foes in Encounter Zones. The world generator has a chance creating Nature units in the following zones:

TerrainSpecial NatureNode TerrainSpecial Lair TerrainSpecial Lair
Nature Node Monster Lair Mysterious Cave
100% 100% 100%
TerrainSpecial Ruins TerrainSpecial Keep TerrainSpecial Tower
Dungeon Abandoned Keep Tower of Wizardry
100% 100% 17%
Encounter Lair Dialog

Every lair makes a procedural selection of guardians through what is essentially a Icon Mana.png Mana budget. When it can afford to stock defenders at all, there will typically be one or more higher-end units of the lair's Realm (this is the creature sighted by scouts who peek into the lair), attended by a lesser unit type. Abandoned Keeps, Dungeons, Monster Lairs, and Mysterious Caves always roll Nature creatures. Towers of Wizardry can have anything; the world generator always places six towers, so about two-thirds of the time, a map is going to have at least one green magic tower.

Nature Nodes always have Nature Realm creatures. In total, 16 Nodes appear on Arcanus and 14 on Myrror, and any one of these could be a Nature Node with a substantial garrison.

Nature has a fairly high minimum cost for generating a creature in a lair (War Bears at 70 points). Some lairs will therefore be undefended.

Lair Guardians and Rampaging Monsters
Realm Creatures
Icon Nature.pngNature Unit Unit Icon WarBears Transparent Unit Icon Sprites Transparent Unit Icon EarthElemental Transparent Unit Icon GiantSpiders Transparent Unit Icon Cockatrices Transparent Unit Icon Basilisk Transparent Unit Icon StoneGiant Transparent Unit Icon Gorgons Transparent Unit Icon Behemoth Transparent Unit Icon Colossus Transparent Unit Icon GreatWyrm Transparent
Cost 70 100 160 200 275 325 450 599 700 800 1000

Any unconquered lair with Nature Realm creatures can eject a horde of Rampaging Monsters. This will be a randomly-generated Nature group whose strength will correspond with the number of game turns elapsed and has nothing to do with the lair's defenders. The turn after it appears, it will make for a nearby city and attack. The group can consist of any number of different species of Nature units.

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