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This page details some user-made modifications of Master of Magic. MoM mods can usually only be used with a specific version of the game.

List of mods Edit

Bugfix Edit

MoM Unofficial Patch 1.50 Edit

status : complete

Forum Thread

Website & Download

Additional bug fixes, major AI upgrades, additional land size option, major diplomacy updates, some changes to encounter zone generation monster and treasure amounts.

MoM Unofficial Patch 1.40 (Insecticide 1.40n) Edit

status: complete
Details & Download
Bug-fixes, UI improvements, AI improvements, additional difficulty options.

Gameplay Edit

Caster of Magic Edit

status : released, updated regularly.

game version : 1.50 (same author as for the 1.50 patch)

New spells, rebalancing of units, spells, costs, and every game and AI improvement that is in 1.50.

Website and download

Forum thread

Aureus's 2.0 patch / balance mod (MoM 2.0) Edit

status: complete
game version: 1.31 - Details & Download
Modifies normal units, heroes, summons, races, spells and artifacts. Minor stylistic changes.

BecHa mod 0.7 Edit

status: unfinished
game version: 1.31 - Details & Download
Modifies normal units, heroes, summons and races. Minor stylistic changes.

Other Edit

Plight 0.7 Edit

status: complete
game version: 1.31, 1.40n - Details & Download
Fixes, clarifies and expands in-game help text, adds new in-game help text.

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