Magic Spirit
Summon MagicSpirit
Realm Icon Arcane.pngArcane
Spell Properties
Casting Cost Icon Mana.png 30
Upkeep Cost Icon Mana.png 1 per turn
Research Cost Icon Research.png 20 *
Unit Properties
# of Figures Icon SingleFigureUnit.png 1
Moves Icon Movement Ground1 / Icon Movement Water1
Melee Attack per figure Icon Melee Normal.png 5
Defense per figure Icon Defense.png 4
Resistance Icon Resist.png 8
Hit Points per figure Icon Hits.png 10
Unit Abilities

Ability Meld Meld

Ability NonCorporeal Non-Corporeal
Tactical MagicSpirit
The Magic Spirit is a type of Fantastic Unit featured in Master of Magic. Magic Spirits belong to the Icon Arcane.pngArcane Realm, and may be summoned using a Summoning Spell of the same name - which is available to all wizards as soon as the game begins. The Magic Spirit is a very poor combat unit, with a rather harmless Melee Attack and poor defense. Its main purpose is to Meld with Nodes to redirect their power to the Spirit's controller, but its Non-Corporeality (which allows it to move 2 tiles in the overland map regardless of Terrain) makes it an effective scout as well.

The Fantastic Unit Edit

Physical Description Edit

The Magic Spirit is a form of ghost-like creature. It resembles a person or possibly a dead corpse, surrounded by a brightly glowing aura. It hovers slightly above the surface, and does not seem to be made of any physical matter - thus allowing the creature to move through completely solid objects.

The Magic Spirit is a Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure Unit.

Attack Properties Edit

The Magic Spirit's attack is fairly weak. While it is comparable to the attack of most mid-tier Normal Units, it is not very impressive given that this is a Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure unit.

The unit's Melee Attack score is Icon Melee Normal.png 5. With its default To Hit value of Icon ToHit.png 30%, the creature will inflict Icon Damage.png 1.5 points of Damage on average with each attack. This attack can easily be blocked by most enemy units.

Defensive Properties Edit

The Magic Spirit has a Defense score of only Icon Defense.png 4, meaning that it will block only Icon Damage.png 1.2 points of Damage on average from any attack. This makes the unit somewhat vulnerable, even to weak enemy units. Fortunately, the Magic Spirit has Icon Hits.png 10 Hit Points, allowing it to survive some combat damage before being destroyed.

On the other hand, the Magic Spirit has a good Resistance score of Icon Resist.png 8. This high Resistance score means that Curses, Special Attacks and other combat effects will have some trouble hurting the unit, especially if they do not offer any Resistance penalty while attempting this. However, Icon Resist.png 8 is not enough to render the unit invulnerable to anything.

Other Properties Edit

The Magic Spirit has a Movement Allowance of Icon Movement Ground1, though it can alternatively use Icon Movement Water1 when fighting on the Ocean or when crossing Ocean tiles.

Furthermore, the unit is Non-Corporeal, which allows it to move on the overland map at a rate of 0.5 Movement Points per tile - regardless of what type of Terrain it is attempting to cross. This allows an unenchanted Magic Spirit to move 2 tiles per turn on the overland map. However, the Non-Corporeal ability also means that the unit gets no benefit to speed from Roads and Enchanted Roads.

Non-Corporeality also allows the Magic Spirit to cross through City Walls during combat as though they were not there.

Melding Edit

Main article: Node

The most important quality of the Magic Spirit is its ability to Meld with Nodes. This can be used on the overland map.

Move the Magic Spirit on top of a Node tile, and click the "Meld" order appearing in the unit's command menu. The Magic Spirit is destroyed immediately, but the Node itself then becomes linked to the Magic Spirit's owner. That node and the area it controls will begin shimmering with brightly-colored sparkles. Each sparkling tile will add a certain amount of Icon Power.png Power to the Magic Spirit's controller.

Basic Tactics Edit

Magic Spirits are not good combat units. They are weaker than even the most basic Normal Units, and thus will not be able to contribute much to any battle. While they may cause damage or even defeat low-tier Normal Units on occasion, their purpose is to Meld with nodes, not to fight. Try to keep them away from battles and, when already in battle, away from enemy units.

Magic Spirits also make excellent scouts thanks to the combination of: 1) being available at the beginning of the game regardless of picks, 2) having a low base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 30, 3) having a low Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 1 per turn, and 4) being able to move 2 tiles in the overland map regardless of Terrain due to being Non-Corporeal.

Enemy Magic Spirits Edit

As the only true Icon Arcane.pngArcane unit, the Magic Spirit will never appear as a Neutral monster at all, neither during Encounters nor as part of a group of Rampaging Monsters.

On occasion you may be able to intercept an enemy Magic Spirit on its way to Meld with a Node. In such a case, try to destroy the Spirit if possible. This will set its owner back in his attempt to gain more Icon Power.png Power. Destroying a Magic Spirit should be very easy - it has virtually no defense or staying power against anything you bring up to it.

Ability Overview Edit

Ability Meld Meld Edit

  • This unit is able to meld with a Node, capturing it and diverting its Icon Power.png to the unit's controller. The unit itself is destroyed in the Melding process.
  • To use this ability, move the unit to an overland tile containing a Node, and click the "Meld" button in the command menu.

Ability NonCorporeal Non-Corporeal Edit

  • This unit may move across any land Terrain and/or Ocean at a rate of 0.5 Movement Point per tile.
  • The unit does not get speed benefits from moving across Road or Enchanted Road tiles.
  • During battle, the unit may move through City Walls as though they were not there.
  • Many spell effects that target only Walking units will not affect this unit regardless of what movement abilities it has.

The Summoning Spell Edit

Usage Edit

Magic Spirit may only be cast on the overland map, for the base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 30. Upon casting, the new Magic Spirit unit will appear in the town currently containing the caster's Summoning Circle.

The new unit is created with full Movement Points, and may move and/or attack immediately as necessary.

To keep the Magic Spirit in play, it is necessary to pay an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 1 per turn. This is drawn automatically from the caster's Mana pool each turn. Failure to pay the required costs due to lack of Icon Mana.png Mana in the pool will lead to the Magic Spirit being immediately destroyed, along with any Unit Enchantments currently affecting it.

If the unit is destroyed in combat, then it is gone from the world entirely, and there is no further need to pay its Upkeep Costs.

You can also dismiss the Magic Spirit voluntarily. To do this, right-click the unit's icon and then press the red "Dismiss" button on the bottom right corner of the unit's details panel. A dismissed unit is gone forever, but of course you can always cast the Magic Spirit spell again to get a fresh new one. The primary reason to dismiss a Fantastic Creature would be to remove its Upkeep Cost (conserving Icon Mana.png Mana as a result).

Note that when a Magic Spirit Melds with a Node, it is always destroyed immediately. This happens regardless of whether the spirit succeeded in taking over the Node at all.

Acquisition Edit

Magic Spirit is one of the two spells that each and every wizard possesses as soon as the game begins (the other is the Spell of Return). Any wizard may cast Magic Spirit as early as the first turn - Icon Mana.png Mana permitting, of course.

Though its stated Research Cost is Icon Research.png 20, there is no need to Research Magic Spirit at all.