Ability MagicImmunity
Magic Immunity is one of the many Unit Abilities available in Master of Magic. It is arguably the most powerful immunity in the game.

A unit with Magic Immunity will shrug off the vast majority of enemy spells cast directly at it - being completely unaffected by them. Many indirect spells will also fail to affect the unit.

Furthermore, whenever a unit with Magic Immunity is struck by Magical Damage of any kind, its Defense rating is temporarily raised to Icon Defense.png 50 for purposes of averting that damage. Almost all Special Attacks will fail to do any harm to the Magic-Immune unit. Only Poison Damage and certain types of Doom Damage can get through.

Magic Immunity is a rather rare type of immunity possessed by only 5 different units by default. 3 of these are Champions, 1 is a Normal Unit, and one is a Fantastic Unit.

Magic Immunity can be added to any unit thanks to the Magic Immunity Spell. Heroes can also obtain the same ability by holding a Magical Item imbued with the "Magic Immunity" Item Power.

Description Edit

In a world where magic is quite commonplace, it's not surprising that some creatures and skilled warriors have developed an immunity to magic. Whether it is an innate property that's part of a creature's nature, acquired by divine intervention, or simply a magical effect in itself, Magic Immunity is one of the most potent types of protection a creature could ask for.

The anti-magical field surrounding the creature nullifies only adverse magical energy. It does not prevent the creature from being affected by benign magic.

Effect Edit

Magic Immunity is a passive ability that protects a unit from a very wide variety of spells, spell effects, and even direct damage that's based on a magical source.

There are many consequences to this immunity, and each is discussed separately below.

Immunity to Harmful Spells Edit

First and foremost, Magic Immunity is designed to prevent harmful spells from affecting the unit. This includes most enemy spells, as well as friendly spells that could potentially hurt it.

On the overland map, the only spell that could adversely affect a unit with Magic Immunity is the Stasis spell. All other harmful spells will do no harm to the unit, regardless of how powerful they are or how they are targeted. Only beneficial effects will apply to the unit, so it is still possible to cast Unit Enchantments upon it. The unit will also enjoy beneficial effects from other magical sources, such as Global Enchantments.

During combat, the majority of harmful spells - especially those targeted directly at the unit - will cause it no harm whatsoever. This includes all spells that deliver direct damage - they will cause none.

Note that the game will not object when trying to cast a spell at a Magic-Immune unit that will fail to harm it, like it would for example object to cast a Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery spell at a unit with Illusion Immunity. In other words, if you cast an "invalid" spell at a unit with Magic Immunity, the spell will not ask for a different target, and instead will simply result in a complete waste of Icon Mana.png Mana.

Exceptions Edit

Whether due to logical reasons or due to developer oversight, several spells can be used to harm a Magic-Immune unit. Some of them simply work by targeting the tile underneath the unit rather than the unit itself, targeting its weapons, indirectly affecting the battlefield in some way, and so forth.
The following spells will apply their normal effects to a Magic-Immune unit just like any other unit:
Icon Life.png True Light
Icon Life.png Prayer
Icon Life.png High Prayer
Icon Nature.png Cracks Call
Icon Nature.png Earth to Mud
Icon Nature.png Entangle
Icon Nature.png Web
Icon Sorcery.png Blur
Icon Chaos.png Warp Reality
Icon Chaos.png Warp Wood
Icon Death.png Black Prayer
Icon Death.png Darkness
If you discover additional spells that can bypass Magic Immunity, please add them here.

Immunity to Magical Ranged Attacks Edit

Magic Immunity also protects the unit from any and all Icon Ranged Magic.png Magical Ranged Attacks.

The protection against such attacks comes in the form of temporarily raising the Magic-Immune unit's Defense score to Icon Defense.png 50 for the purposes of blocking this damage. An exceptionally-powerful Icon Ranged Magic.png Magical Ranged Attack may be able to overcome such a massively-high Defense rating, but even so would be extremely hard-pressed to do more than a few points of damage - if any.

Note that the unit's Defense score is only raised for the purposes of blocking damage from Icon Ranged Magic.png Magical Ranged Attacks, and is reduced back to its original value once the attack is concluded.

Exceptions Edit

If the Icon Ranged Magic.png Magical Ranged Attacker possesses the Illusion ability, whether innately or through a Magical Item, his/her attacks deliver Illusion Damage, which prevents the target from making any Icon Defense.png Defense rolls.
As a result, the Magic-Immune target's impressive Icon Defense.png 50 is overridden by the Illusion Damage effect: instead of making 50 Defense rolls, the target makes no defense rolls, suffering as much damage as the attacker manages to inflict. Provided, of course, that the Magic-Immune unit doesn't also have Illusions Immunity.
Furthermore, Heroes wielding a Staff or Wand enchanted with the ItemPower Chaos Chaos Item Power will deal their Icon Ranged Magic.png Ranged Magical damage as normal to a Magic-Immune unit.

Immunity to Special Attacks Edit

Aside from Icon Ranged Magic.png Magical Ranged Attacks, Magic Immunity also protects the unit from the majority of Special Attacks and Special Damage types. For Icon Breath.png Breath Attacks, it provides the same protection as described above for Icon Ranged Magic.png Magical Ranged Attacks. For most other Special Attacks, the unit will suffer no harm whatsoever.

The only Special Attacks that do not trigger Magic Immunity's protection are:

All other attacks will cause no harm to the Magic-Immune unit in any way. The unit automatically succeeds any Icon Resist.png Resistance roll the attack might force it to make, and will not suffer any damage whatsoever.

Units with Default Magic Immunity Edit

Magic Immunity is a rather rare type of immunity, possessed by no more than 5 different units by default. 3 of these are high-value Champions, one is a top-tier Normal Unit, and the last is a very rare Fantastic Unit.

Tactical Paladins Paladins
Tactical SkyDrake Sky Drake
Tactical Hero Mortu Mortu the Black Knight
Tactical Hero Roland Roland the Paladin
Tactical Hero Torin Torin the Chosen

Acquiring Magic Immunity Edit

There are two ways to add Magic Immunity to a unit that does not possess it by default:

Both of these methods add the same kind of Magic Immunity described above in this article.

Magic Immunity Unit Enchantment Edit

Magic Immunity is a Rare Unit Enchantment belonging to the Icon Sorcery.pngSorcery realm. When cast on a unit, it will add the Magic Immunity ability to that unit.

When cast on the overland map, Magic Immunity has a basic Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 250. It has a lingering effect, so that the targeted unit will keep its Magic Immunity ability so long as the spell continues to exist. While it exists, the spell requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 5 to be paid at the start of each turn.

Alternatively, it is possible to cast Magic Immunity during combat as an impromptu Unit Enchantment. In this case the spell's basic Casting Cost is only Icon Mana.png 50, but its effects will only last until the end of the battle (or until dispelled by the enemy). Since neither the spell nor the effect will carry over to the overland map, there is no associated Upkeep Cost with this version of the spell.

Magic Immunity Item Power Edit

A permanent version of the Magic Immunity spell can be imbued into any type of Magical Item. When a Hero wears this item, he/she receives the Magic Immunity ability as described in this article.

During Item Crafting, it is only possible to select the "Magic Immunity" Power if you possess at least Icon Sorcery.png5 Sorcery Spellbooks. Otherwise, "Magic Immunity" is not available. Of course, it is always possible to find an item already enchanted with "Magic Immunity" as reward for defeating an Encounter.

The Magic Immunity ability bestowed by an item is transient: it will disappear if the Hero ever removes or loses the enchanted item.

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