Hit Points measure a unit's remaining capacity for taking Icon Damage.png damage. Master of Magic does not actually track this attribute. Instead, it is a calculated value used mainly to inform the player about the status of units (both own and enemy). The game records only Icon Damage.png damage taken, which is essentially the inverse of this statistic.

The term Hit Points is often confusingly used, even by the game's own documentation, to refer to a unit's Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure value, also covered in this article. However, while Hit Points generally describe a unit's current state, Icon Hits.png Hits represent each Icon Figure.png figure's maximum capacity for surviving Icon Damage.png damage. This serves as the basis for most procedures that involve dealing or healing Icon Damage.png damage.

Concept Edit

The use of Hit Points originates from classic role-playing games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons. However, the concept has been adopted with multiple other names, such as "health", or "life", and has appeared even before. It represents both an object's or creature's structural or physiological integrity, and its ability to withstand loss thereof. It typically goes hand in hand with a system capable of rationing damage in a way that some attacks are lethal, but most are not. These also often incorporate attributes that enable entities to reduce or avoid damage from certain sources, such as armor or magic resistance.

Effect Edit

Icon Hits.png Hits and Hit Points, while aspects of the same concept, have different practical effects. However, they are both represented by Icon Hits.png Bright Heart icons, both in the game, and on the wiki. Since Icon Hits.png Hits form the basis of calculating Hit Points, they are examined here first.

Hits Per Figure Edit

Units in Master of Magic are comprised of individual entities called Icon Figure.png figures. Some contain only a single one, while others can have up to nine. Icon Hits.png Hits, or more precisely, "Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure", is one of their base attributes. It shows how many Damage Points it takes to slay or destroy an individual Icon Figure.png figure in the unit. For Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single Figure units, it naturally also equals their total health, or maximum Hit Points.

Icon Hits.png Hits are shown in the unit statistics window as a row of Icon Hits.png Heart icons, equal in number to the attribute. When the unit is first recruited or summoned, and when it is at full health, all of the icons are bright. However, if the unit suffers Damage Points, some of these icons can get Icon Damage.png darkened out. This indicates what is often called the "top figure damage". The overall amount of icons remains the same however, still showing the amount of Icon Hits.png Hits.

Losing and Regaining Figures Edit

When a unit suffers Icon Damage.png damage equalling its Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure value, it will lose one of its Icon Figure.png figures. This usually destroys Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single Figure units outright, but Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure ones have an advantage here, as they can remain operational as long as they have at least one Icon Figure.png figure still standing. However, their offensive potential progressively diminishes as they lose Icon Figure.png figures, which happens at even intervals of suffering Damage Points matching their Icon Hits.png Hits. Similarly, as these units heal, whether naturally or by magical means, they also regain Icon Figure.png figures as soon as their Icon Damage.png damage becomes lower than one of the tresholds indicated by their Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure.

Example Edit

A High Men Cavalry unit has Icon Hits.png 3 Hits per Icon Figure.png figure, and a maximum Icon Figure.png figure count of Icon MultiFigureUnit.png 4. Suffering Icon Damage.png 3 Damage Points, equal to their Icon Hits.png Hits, will slay one cavalryman. If another Icon Damage.png 3 are inflicted on them, for a total of Icon Damage.png 6, another one will fall. Then the third one at Icon Damage.png 9, until finally the unit is destroyed at Icon Damage.png 12. However, if the last Icon Figure.png figure survives with only Icon Damage.png 11, and then starts healing up, then a second Icon Figure.png figure is restored at Icon Damage.png 8, a third at Icon Damage.png 5, and the last one at Icon Damage.png 2. Both losing and regaining the Icon Figure.png figures happens at Icon Damage.png 3 point intervals, equal to the Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure value.

Role in Damage Resolution Edit

Icon Hits.png Hits play a role in resolving most Damage Types. During Conventional Damage attacks, defending units are allowed to perform additional Defense Rolls every time they log an amount of Icon Damage.png damage equal to their Icon Hits.png Hits. Looking at the Cavalry from above, if a Melee Attack against them scores 5 "successful hits", but they only manage to block Icon Damage.png 1, then they can make another roll after recording Icon Damage.png 3 of the remaining Icon Damage.png 4 points. This simulates the idea that each Icon Figure.png figure has its own Icon Defense.png Armor and other mitigating factors, so if an attack is strong enough to affect more than one of them, then they can all defend against it. Although, this implementation may seem counter-intuitive in that it ignores "top figure damage" when defending against attacks made by enemy units. That is, these attacks are always assumed to target healthy Icon Figure.png figures.

The situation is slightly different for attacks marked as dealing Area Damage. Here, a separate attack is performed against each standing Icon Figure.png figure in a target unit. However, this type of Icon Damage.png damage can characteristically only deliver as much Damage Points as each Icon Figure.png figure has Icon Hits.png Hit Points. Naturally, this means that for all Icon Figure.png figures except the "top" one, Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure also defines the maximum amount that Area Damage effects can inflict on them.

Finally, Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure plays an important role in resolving all Icon Figure.png figure-based Special Damage. These attacks force their targets to make an amount of Icon Resist.png Resistance checks depending on the type of the effect. Touch Attacks typically require one for each attacking Icon Figure.png figure, while spells and Gaze Attacks call for one per defending Icon Figure.png figure. Regardless though, every failed check results in Icon Damage.png damage equal to the target's Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure value, effectively slaying one Icon Figure.png figure.

Modifiers Edit

There are only a handful of ways to increase a unit's Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure value, the most common of them being the effect of Icon Experience.png Experience. There is no method for decreasing the attribute, magical or otherwise. Additional Icon Hits.png Hits granted in a temporary fashion are usually denoted by Icon Hits Gold Golden Heart icons in the unit statistics window. These either depend on the presence of a certain enchantment, or last only until the end of a battle.

Effect Modifier Notes
Experience 3 Elite Level Icon Hits.png +1 Normal Units only, requires Icon Experience.png 120/60/20* Experience Points
Experience 5 Champion Level Icon Hits.png +1 (total Icon Hits.png +2) Normal Units only, requires Icon Experience.png 120 Experience Points
(only available with both Warlord and Icon Life.pngCrusade)
Experience 8 Hero Levels Icon Hits.png +1 (up to Icon Hits.png +8) Heroes only, Icon Hits.png +1 per level, excluding the first
Ability Constitution Constitution Icon Hits.png +1 / level Hero Ability, grants up to Icon Hits.png +9 (includes the first level)
Ability Constitution Super Constitution Icon Hits.png +1.5 / level Hero Ability, grants up to Icon Hits.png +13 (rounds down)
UnitEnchantment Lionheart Icon Life.pngLionheart Icon Hits.png +3 Unit Enchantment or Item Power
UnitEnchantment BlackChannels Icon Death.pngBlack Channels Icon Hits.png +1 Unit Enchantment, affects Normal Units, Heroes, and UnitEnchantment Undead Undead units
only (turns Normal Units and Heroes into Undead)
SpellIcon CharmOfLife Icon Life.pngCharm of Life Icon Hits.png +25%
  • Global Enchantment, affects all friendly units
  • rounds down, but grants a minimum of Icon Hits.png +1
  • applied after all of the above
Ability LifeSteal Life Stealing Damage Icon Hits Gold "overhealing"
/ max Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Figures
these last only until the end of the battle
* - The Warlord Retort and the Icon Life.pngCrusade spell reduce Icon Experience.png XP requirements. The first number is the base value, the second is with either one of these effects, while the last is with both.

Experience Edit

This effect is only applicable to Normal Units and Heroes, as Fantastic Units are unable to gain Icon Experience.png Experience. The former gain Icon Hits.png +1 per Icon Figure.png figure upon reaching Icon ExpLevel 3.png Elite level, which usually happens when they accumulate Icon Experience.png 120 Experience Points, or are enchanted with Icon Life.pngHeroism. Units created in a Town with an Icon Life.pngAltar of Battle already start out with this much as well. Another Icon Hits.png +1 may also be gained (for a total of Icon Hits.png +2), should a unit become Icon ExpLevel 4.png Ultra-Elite. However, this requires both the Warlord Retort, and an active Icon Life.pngCrusade Global Enchantment to be possessed by the controlling Wizard; in addition to the same amount of Icon Experience.png Experience Points by the unit.
Heroes gain Icon Hits.png Hits much faster, at a rate of Icon Hits.png +1 per level, up to a maximum of Icon Hits.png +8 at Icon ExpLevel 8.png Demi-God. This is much needed though, considering they are all Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single Figure units. In addition, many of them can possess the Ability Constitution Constitution ability, either by default, or as a Random "Fighter" perk. This grants another Icon Hits.png +1 per level. Because it already starts giving a benefit at the first level though, it can provide a total of up to Icon Hits.png +9. Over half of the Heroes that have access to it may also occasionally get the super (*) version of this ability. This grants even more: 150% of the original, rounded down, up to a maximum of Icon Hits.png +13 at the final level.

Unit Enchantments Edit

Only two Unit Enchantments are capable of enhancing Icon Hits.png Hits. The first one is the Rare Icon Life.pngLionheart, which can be cast both overland, for a base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 200, or during a battle, costing only Icon Mana.png 40 in this case. It grants a rather powerful Icon Hits.png +3 per Icon Figure.png figure, but requires an Upkeep Cost of Icon Mana.png 4 per turn to maintain overland.
The second spell is somewhat counter-productive. This is the Uncommon Icon Death.pngBlack Channels, which may only be cast overland. It has a base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 100, with an upkeep of Icon Mana.png 1 per turn. While it increases Icon Hits.png Hits by Icon Hits.png +1 for as long as it is maintained, it also has a permanent "side effect". Normal Units and Heroes targeted by this spell become UnitEnchantment Undead Undead, an irreversible change that will not go away with the removal of the enchantment. These units are no longer able to heal naturally or be targeted by healing spells, meaning that any Damage Points they suffer can only be removed by Ability Regeneration Regeneration or the use of Life Stealing Damage.

Charm of Life Edit

Icon Life.pngCharm of Life is a Very Rare and very powerful Global Enchantment. It has a base Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 1,250, although its Upkeep Cost is only a comparatively low Icon Mana.png 10 per turn. As long as it is in effect, this spell increases the Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure value of all of its owner's units by 25%, with a minimum improvement of Icon Hits.png +1 per Icon Figure.png figure. This ensures that even the weakest Normal Units will benefit from the spell.

Magical Items Edit

Unfortunately for Heroes, Icon Hits.png Hits is not among the base attributes that can be enhanced by Magical Items. However, the Icon Life.pngLionheart enchantment does have an Item Power version called Icon Life.pngLion Heart. This requires the Icon Arcane.pngCreate Artifact spell and Icon Life.png6 Life Spellbooks to imbue. Its cost is a base Icon Mana.png 1,000, and it can only be placed on Jewelry. As Icon Life.pngLion Heart is one of the three Item Powers that do not appear on any of the game's pre-fabricated items, it always requires custom Item Crafting. As such, it's worth noting that two instances of this power are not cumulative, and neither does this enchantment stack with the actual spell (although it does have the advantage of not being dispellable).

Life Stealing Damage Edit

Units executing attacks that deal Life Stealing Damage stand to gain temporary extra Icon Hits.png Hits if the Icon Damage.png damage they inflict matches or exceeds their Icon Figure.png figure count. This can only happen if they are fully healed first though. If this is the case, they are granted Icon Hits.png Hits equal to the remaining healing ("overhealing"), divided by their (maximum) Icon Figure.png figure count. These are temporary, and last until the end of the battle, at which point they will disappear. They do not carry over to the overland map.

Combat Healing Bug Edit

In the last official game version (v1.31), and also in Insecticide, a bug exists that can grant the same type of temporary extra Icon Hits.png Hits that are gained through Life Stealing. This triggers whenever a combat healing effect restores a Icon Figure.png figure in an injured unit, but only if the unit's new "top figure damage" is at least as much as its maximum Icon Figure.png figure count. In this case, the process described in the above paragraph is exectuted, except the "top figure damage" is substituted for the overhealing amount. Thus, the unit will gain ["top figure damage" ÷ maximum Icon Figure.png figure count], rounded down, in Icon Hits.png Hits. This bug is fixed in the Unofficial Patch 1.50.

Hit Points Edit

Health Bar Unit Cards

Unit cards in the overland unit window feature colored health bars to display current Hit Points.

The term "Hit Points" is itself used in two slightly different contexts, in addition to sometimes referring to the Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure value. Firstly, it can represent the amount of Icon Damage.png damage required to destroy a unit or Icon Figure.png figure. This is its most common interpretation. However, it is also the classic unit of measurement for healing effects.

Maximum Health Edit

A unit's maximum health always equals its Icon Hits.png Hits multiplied by its maximum Icon Figure.png Figure count. Both of these are base attributes, characteristic to each unit type, although as noted above, Icon Hits.png Hits can actually be improved by a few effects. Maximum health is used to calculate "top figure damage" when inspecting units overland, and when entering combat. It also determines the amount of Icon Hits.png Hit Points that the unit can heal naturally between overland turns, as described in the Damage Points article.

Top Figure Health Edit

The inverse of the "top figure damage", this is the value represented by the Icon Hits.png Bright Heart icons in the unit statistics window. It equals Icon Hits.png Hits - "top figure damage". Since only the foremost Icon Figure.png figure in the unit can ever become "injured", this information can be used by the player to accurately gauge the remaining strength of a unit. The value is also used during the resolution of Area Damage, where it sets the maximum Icon Damage.png damage that can be inflicted on the foremost Icon Figure.png figure; whereas for all other Icon Figure.png figures in the unit, this limit is more easily described as simply the Icon Hits.png Hits per Icon Figure.png figure amount.

Current Health Total Edit

Health Bar Active Unit Window

The active unit window displays a health bar for the currently selected unit.

The current total health of a unit can also be expressed in Icon Hits.png Hit Points, and is often easier to understand than the internal representation used by the game. It is calculated as Icon Hits.png Hits × Icon MultiFigureUnit.png figures - "top figure damage". This value is highlighted as a colored bar, both on unit cards overland, and the active unit window and combat unit display in battle. The bar is filled proportionately to the unit's current- versus maximum health. On the unit cards, a grey or transparent bar indicates full health. This changes to green if the unit has suffered some Icon Damage.png damage, but is still above 70% of its maximum health. Yellow indicates current health between 40% and 70% of the maximum, while the color changes to red below 40%. The combat displays are slightly different in that full bars are also green for better visibility.

Healing Edit

Health Bar Combat Unit Display

The combat unit display also shows a health bar when mousing over a target unit.

Hit Points are typically used as the unit of measurement for healing spells and abilities. Although technically, these effects reduce Damage Points instead, the end result is essentially the same. For example, the Icon Life.pngHealing spell can be described either as removing up to Icon Damage.png 5 Damage Points, or healing up to Icon Hits.png 5 Hit Points. Both are correct, and yield the same total health. However, as health is traditionally expressed and tracked as Hit Points, the latter representation is arguably easier to get accustomed to.

On the other hand, because Master of Magic internally tracks Damage Points rather than Hit Points, a description of healing effects is not included on this page. Instead, these are explained in detail in the linked article under the heading Removing Damage Points.

Unit Tables Edit

The following tables list the health for every unit in the game. The tables have separate columns for hits per figure and total health. Defense and amount of Figures are also denoted because those are the other main attributes which determine the survivability of units. On the other hand, defensive abilities like Invisibility, Lucky and immunities (e.g. Weapon, Missile, Magic) are not considered.

Normal Units Edit

Icons Unit Name Def. HP Fig. Total
Unit Icon OrcShamans TransparentUnit Icon BarbarianShamans TransparentUnit Icon HalflingShamans TransparentUnit Icon DraconianShamans Transparent
Unit Icon HighMenPriests TransparentUnit Icon NomadPriests TransparentUnit Icon DarkElfPriests Transparent
Unit Icon OrcMagicians TransparentUnit Icon HighElfMagicians TransparentUnit Icon DraconianMagicians Transparent
Unit Icon Warlocks Transparent
default Shamans
default Priests
default Magicians
Icon Defense.png 3*
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 3*
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 04
Unit Icon HighMenSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon NomadSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon OrcSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon GnollSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon BarbarianSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon HighElfSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon KlackonSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon DarkElfSwordsmen TransparentUnit Icon DraconianSwordsmen Transparent
Unit Icon HighMenBowmen TransparentUnit Icon NomadBowmen TransparentUnit Icon OrcBowmen TransparentUnit Icon GnollBowmen TransparentUnit Icon BarbarianBowmen TransparentUnit Icon HalflingBowmen TransparentUnit Icon DraconianBowmen Transparent
Unit Icon HighMenEngineers TransparentUnit Icon OrcEngineers TransparentUnit Icon KlackonEngineers Transparent
Unit Icon OrcHalberdiers TransparentUnit Icon GnollHalberdiers TransparentUnit Icon HighElfHalberdiers TransparentUnit Icon KlackonHalberdiers TransparentUnit Icon DarkElfHalberdiers TransparentUnit Icon DraconianHalberdiers Transparent
Unit Icon HighMenMagicians Transparent
Unit Icon Longbowmen Transparent
Unit Icon Nightblades Transparent
default Swordsmen
default Bowmen
default Engineers
High Men Magicians
Icon Defense.png 2*
Icon Defense.png 1*
Icon Defense.png 1
Icon Defense.png 3*
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Figure.png 6 Icon Hits.png 06
Unit Icon HighMenSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon NomadSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon OrcSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon GnollSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon BarbarianSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon HalflingSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon HighElfSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon KlackonSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon DarkElfSpearmen TransparentUnit Icon DraconianSpearmen Transparent
Unit Icon HighMenPikemen TransparentUnit Icon NomadPikemen Transparent
Unit Icon HalflingSwordsmen Transparent
Unit Icon Slingers Transparent
default Spearmen
Halfling Swordsmen
Icon Defense.png 2*
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Figure.png 8 Icon Hits.png 08
Unit Icon LizardmenShamans Transparent
Unit Icon BeastmenPriests Transparent
Unit Icon BeastmenMagicians Transparent
Unit Icon Rangers Transparent
Lizardmen Shamans
Beastmen Priests
Beastmen Magicians
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 2 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 08
Unit Icon LizardmenSwordsmen Transparent
Unit Icon BeastmenSwordsmen Transparent
Unit Icon BeastmenBowmen Transparent
Unit Icon BeastmenEngineers Transparent
Unit Icon LizardmenHalberdiers Transparent
Unit Icon BeastmenHalberdiers Transparent
Unit Icon Javelineers Transparent
Lizardmen Swordsmen
Beastmen Swordsmen
Beastmen Bowmen
Beastmen Engineers
Lizardmen Halberdiers
Beastmen Halberdiers
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 1
Icon Defense.png 1
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 2 Icon Figure.png 6 Icon Hits.png 12
Unit Icon LizardmenSpearmen Transparent
Unit Icon BeastmenSpearmen Transparent
Lizardmen Spearmen
Beastmen Spearmen
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Hits.png 2 Icon Figure.png 8 Icon Hits.png 16
Unit Icon HighMenCavalry TransparentUnit Icon OrcCavalry TransparentUnit Icon BarbarianCavalry TransparentUnit Icon HighElfCavalry TransparentUnit Icon DarkElfCavalry Transparent
Unit Icon Horsebowmen Transparent
Unit Icon Centaurs Transparent
Unit Icon ElvenLords Transparent
default Cavalry
Elven Lords
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 3 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 12
Unit Icon DwarfSwordsmen Transparent
Unit Icon DwarfEngineers Transparent
Unit Icon DwarfHalberdiers Transparent
Unit Icon Berserkers Transparent
Dwarf Swordsmen
Dwarf Engineers
Dwarf Halberdiers
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 1
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Hits.png 3 Icon Figure.png 6 Icon Hits.png 18
Unit Icon TrollSpearmen Transparent
Unit Icon TrollSwordsmen Transparent
Unit Icon TrollHalberdiers Transparent
Unit Icon TrollShamans Transparent
Unit Icon Paladins Transparent
Troll Spearmen
Troll Swordsmen
Troll Halberdiers
Troll Shamans
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Hits.png 4 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 16
Unit Icon Hammerhands Transparent Hammerhands Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 4 Icon Figure.png 6 Icon Hits.png 24
Unit Icon Pegasai Transparent Pegasai Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 5 Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 10
Unit Icon WolfRiders Transparent
Unit Icon WarTrolls Transparent
Wolf Riders
War Trolls
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 5 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 20
Unit Icon Manticores Transparent Manticores Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 7 Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 14
Unit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers TransparentUnit Icon Settlers Transparent
Unit Icon Catapult Transparent
Unit Icon Trireme Transparent
default Settlers
Icon Defense.png 1*
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 10 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 10
Unit Icon DoomDrakes Transparent
Unit Icon Nightmares Transparent
Unit Icon WyvernRiders Transparent
Unit Icon Griffins Transparent
Doom Drakes
Wyvern Riders
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Hits.png 10 Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 20
Unit Icon SteamCannon Transparent Steam Cannon Icon Defense.png 2 Icon Hits.png 12 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 12
Unit Icon Minotaurs Transparent
Unit Icon WarMammoths Transparent
War Mammoths
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 6
Icon Hits.png 12 Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 24
Unit Icon DragonTurtle Transparent Dragon Turtle Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Hits.png 15 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 15
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent
Unit Icon StagBeetle Transparent
Unit Icon AirShip Transparent
Unit Icon Golem Transparent
Unit Icon Galley Transparent
Lizardmen Settlers
Beastmen Settlers
Stag Beetle
Air Ship
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 1
Icon Defense.png 7
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Defense.png 8
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 20 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 20
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent
Unit Icon Warship Transparent
Dwarf Settlers
Icon Defense.png 1
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Hits.png 30 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 30
Unit Icon Settlers Transparent Troll Settlers Icon Defense.png 1 Icon Hits.png 40 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 40

Note: An asterisk behind the defense of a default unit type (e.g.Icon Defense.png 3*) means that there's a Klackon, Lizardman, or Draconian unit of said type that receives a Icon Defense.png Defense bonus.

Fantastic Units Edit

Icon Unit Name Def. HP Fig. Total
Unit Icon Sprites Transparent Sprites Icon Defense.png 2 Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 04
Unit Icon PhantomWarriors Transparent
Unit Icon Skeletons Transparent
Phantom Warriors
Icon Defense.png 0
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Hits.png 1 Icon Figure.png 6 Icon Hits.png 06
Unit Icon Ghouls Transparent
Unit Icon Cockatrices Transparent
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Hits.png 3 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 12
Unit Icon Zombies Transparent Zombies Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 3 Icon Figure.png 6 Icon Hits.png 18
Unit Icon HellHounds Transparent
Unit Icon Gargoyles Transparent
Hell Hounds
Icon Defense.png 2
Icon Defense.png 8
Icon Hits.png 4 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 16
Unit Icon ShadowDemons Transparent Shadow Demons Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 5 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 20
Unit Icon Werewolves Transparent Werewolves Icon Defense.png 1 Icon Hits.png 5 Icon Figure.png 6 Icon Hits.png 30
Unit Icon Nagas Transparent Nagas Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 6 Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 12
Unit Icon Unicorns Transparent Unicorns Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 6 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 24
Unit Icon WarBears Transparent War Bears Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 8 Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 16
Unit Icon Chimeras Transparent
Unit Icon Wraiths Transparent
Unit Icon DeathKnights Transparent
Death Knights
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Defense.png 6
Icon Defense.png 8
Icon Hits.png 8 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 32
Unit Icon Gorgons Transparent Gorgons Icon Defense.png 7 Icon Hits.png 9 Icon Figure.png 4 Icon Hits.png 36
Unit Icon MagicSpirit Transparent
Unit Icon GuardianSpirit Transparent
Unit Icon FireElemental Transparent
Unit Icon NightStalker Transparent
Unit Icon AirElemental Transparent
Magic Spirit
Guardian Spirit
Fire Elemental
Night Stalker
Air Elemental
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 3
Icon Defense.png 8
Icon Hits.png 10 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 10
Unit Icon GiantSpiders Transparent Giant Spiders Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 10 Icon Figure.png 2 Icon Hits.png 20
Unit Icon Hydra Transparent Hydra Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 10 Icon Figure.png 9 Icon Hits.png 90
Unit Icon Demon Transparent
Unit Icon Efreet Transparent
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Defense.png 7
Icon Hits.png 12 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 12
Unit Icon FireGiant Transparent
Unit Icon ChaosSpawn Transparent
Unit Icon Angel Transparent
Fire Giant
Chaos Spawn
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Defense.png 6
Icon Defense.png 7
Icon Hits.png 15 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 15
Unit Icon Archangel Transparent Arch Angel Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Hits.png 18 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 18
Unit Icon PhantomBeast Transparent
Unit Icon DoomBat Transparent
Unit Icon StormGiant Transparent
Unit Icon StoneGiant Transparent
Unit Icon Djinn Transparent
Unit Icon DemonLord Transparent
Phantom Beast
Doom Bat
Storm Giant
Stone Giant
Demon Lord
Icon Defense.png 0
Icon Defense.png 5
Icon Defense.png 7
Icon Defense.png 8
Icon Defense.png 8
Icon Defense.png 10
Icon Hits.png 20 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 20
Unit Icon SkyDrake Transparent Sky Drake Icon Defense.png 10 Icon Hits.png 25 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 25
Unit Icon Basilisk Transparent
Unit Icon EarthElemental Transparent
Unit Icon Colossus Transparent
Unit Icon GreatDrake Transparent
Earth Elemental
Great Drake
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 4
Icon Defense.png 10
Icon Defense.png 10
Icon Hits.png 30 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 30
Unit Icon FloatingIsland Transparent
Unit Icon Behemoth Transparent
Unit Icon GreatWyrm Transparent
Floating Island
Great Wyrm
Icon Defense.png 0
Icon Defense.png 9
Icon Defense.png 12
Icon Hits.png 45 Icon Figure.png 1 Icon Hits.png 45

Heroes Edit

Icons Name Title Def. HP
Unit Icon Zaldron
Unit Icon Aerie
Hero Zaldron
Hero Aerie
Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 5
Unit Icon Serena
Unit Icon Greyfairer
Unit Icon Malleus
Unit Icon Jaer
Unit Icon Morgana
Unit Icon Yramrag
Unit Icon Elana
Unit Icon Ravashack
Hero Serena
Hero Greyfairer
Hero Malleus
Hero Jaer
Hero Morgana
Hero Yramrag
Hero Elana
Hero Ravashack
Wind Mage
Icon Defense.png 5
Unit Icon BShan Hero BShan B'Shan Dervish Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 6
Unit Icon Valana
Unit Icon Tumu
Hero Valana
Hero Tumu
Icon Defense.png 5
Unit Icon Aureus
Unit Icon Alorra
Hero Aureus
Hero Alorra
Golden One
Elven Archer
Icon Defense.png 6
Unit Icon Taki Hero Taki Taki War Monk Icon Defense.png 5*
Unit Icon Shuri Hero Shuri Shuri Huntress Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 7
Unit Icon Rakir
Unit Icon Reywind
Hero Rakir
Hero Reywind
Warrior Mage
Icon Defense.png 4
Unit Icon ShinBo Hero ShinBo Shin Bo Ninja Icon Defense.png 5
Unit Icon Theria Hero Theria Theria Thief Icon Defense.png 5*
Unit Icon Bahgtru
Unit Icon Shalla
Unit Icon MysticX
Hero Bahgtru
Hero Shalla
Hero MysticX
Mystic X
Orc Warrior
Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 8
Unit Icon Marcus
Unit Icon Fang
Unit Icon Spyder
Unit Icon Roland
Hero Marcus
Hero Fang
Hero Spyder
Hero Roland
Icon Defense.png 5
Unit Icon Gunther Hero Gunthar Gunther Barbarian Icon Defense.png 3 Icon Hits.png 9
Unit Icon Warrax Hero Warrax Warrax Chaos Warrior Icon Defense.png 5 Icon Hits.png 8*
Unit Icon SirHarold Hero SirHarold Sir Harold Knight Icon Defense.png 5 Icon Hits.png 9*
Unit Icon Brax Hero Brax Brax Dwarf Icon Defense.png 4 Icon Hits.png 10*
Unit Icon DethStryke
Unit Icon Mortu
Hero DethStryke
Hero Mortu
Deth Stryke
Black Knight
Icon Defense.png 5
Unit Icon Torin Hero Torin Torin Chosen Icon Defense.png 8 Icon Hits.png 12*

Note: An asterisk behind the defense of a hero (e.g.Icon Defense.png 5*) means that the corresponding hero always possesses the Agility ability, thus receives 1 additional defense per level (or 1.5 defense if Super Agility). An asterisk behind the health of a hero (e.g.Icon Hits.png 8*) means that the corresponding hero always possesses the Constitution ability, thus receives 1 additional health per level (or 1.5 health if Super Consititution).

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