Dispel Evil
SpellIcon DispelEvil
Realm Icon Life.pngLife
Spell Rarity Uncommon
Spell Type Combat Instant
Casting Cost Icon Mana.png 25
Research Cost Icon Research.png 450

Each Icon Figure.png figure in a target Icon Death.pngDeath or Icon Chaos.pngChaos unit must make a Resistance roll at Icon Resist.png -4 or be destroyed.

Undead figures must resist at Icon Resist.png -9 instead.
This article is about the Life Combat Instant called "Dispel Evil". For the inherent unit ability of the same name, see Dispel Evil (Ability).

Dispel Evil is an Uncommon Combat Instant belonging to the Icon Life.pngLife Magic realm. It may only be cast during combat, and must be targeted at an enemy unit belonging to either the Icon Death.pngDeath Realm or the Icon Chaos.pngChaos Realm. The spell is cast for Icon Mana.png 25. Upon casting, each Icon Figure.png figure in the target unit must make a Resistance roll at a penalty of Icon Resist.png -4. Each figure that fails this roll is instantly destroyed. Enemy Undead units are even more vulnerable to this spell, with each figure having to make its roll at a penalty of Icon Resist.png -9!

Effects Edit

The Dispel Evil spell makes a powerful divine attack at the magical bonds that keeps Icon Death.pngDeath and Icon Chaos.pngChaos creatures under their master's control. If successful, severing these bonds means instant destruction to the affected creatures. The Undead are even more vulnerable to this spell.

Destroying Figures Edit

When Dispel Evil is cast on an enemy Fantastic Unit from the Icon Chaos.pngChaos or Icon Death.pngDeath realms, each individual Icon Figure.png figure in that unit must make a separate Resistance roll to try and save itself.

Dispel Evil gives the target a Resistance penalty of Icon Resist.png -4 for this attempt. For each figure, the game rolls a random number between 1 and 10. If the number comes up higher than the target unit's Resistance score minus 4, that figure is destroyed immediately (the unit takes Icon Damage.png Irreversible Damage Points equal to its Icon Hits.png Hit Points). Note that figures destroyed in this way cannot be healed in combat, and units primarily destroyed in this way cannot Regenerate.

Target units with a Resistance score of Icon Resist.png 4 or less are unable to succeed their rolls at all - because the penalty reduces the unit's Resistance to Icon Resist.png 0. Such units will always be completely destroyed whenever targeted by the spell.

Target units possessing a Resistance score of Icon Resist.png 14 or higher will never fail their rolls, and therefore are completely immune to Dispel Evil.

UnitEnchantment Undead Undead Resistance Penalty Edit

Undead creatures are units that have been turned into creatures of Icon Death.pngDeath through various spells or effects, such as Animate Dead, Black Channels, et cetera.

When such units are targeted by Dispel Evil, they suffer a significant penalty of Icon Resist.png -9 to their Resistance score, and thus are far more likely to get destroyed by the spell.

Target Undead units with a Resistance score of Icon Resist.png 9 or less will be completely destroyed by this spell, as they cannot possibly succeed their rolls.

Conversely, Undead units would need Icon Resist.png 19 (!!) to be completely immune to this spell. It is highly unlikely that any unit would have such a high score.

Usage Edit

Dispel Evil may only be cast during combat, for a basic Casting Cost of Icon Mana.png 25.

The spell must be targeted at an enemy unit belonging to the Icon Death.pngDeath or Icon Chaos.pngChaos realms. The Undead, as well as Chaos Channeled units, are both included as valid targets. The game will refuse to cast the spell if no such targets are found on the battlefield.

Dispel Evil is shown on screen as a few rotating sparkles around the targeted unit. Any Icon Figure.png figures in the target unit that fail their Resistance roll will simply disappear during this animation. If all figures failed their rolls, the unit is destroyed entirely.

Acquisition Edit

As an Uncommon Icon Life.pngLife spell, Dispel Evil may become available to any Wizard who possesses at least one Icon Life.pngLife Spellbook. However, its availability during the game is almost never guaranteed.

Customized Wizards possessing Icon Life.png11 Spellbooks at creation time may choose this spell as one of their default spells before starting the game, in which case the spell will already be researched and available for casting immediately on the first turn.

Wizards who possess at least Icon Life.png8 Spellbooks, or Wizards with Icon Life.png11 Spellbooks who did not select Dispel Evil as a guaranteed spell, will be able to Research this spell at some point during their campaign. Wizards with fewer than Icon Life.png8 Spellbooks have a random chance of being able to Research it. The chance for this spell to appear increases with the number of Icon Life.pngLife Spellbooks the Wizard possesses or obtains during gameplay.

Dispel Evil has a base Research Cost of Icon Research.png 450.

With at least Icon Life.png1 Spellbook, the Dispel Evil spell may be acquired as a reward for winning encounters in creature Lairs, Towers, et cetera, or when conquering the Fortress of a rival wizard who has already researched this spell.

Strategy Edit

Dispel Evil is extremely useful during wars against Icon Death.pngDeath- or Icon Chaos.pngChaos-wielding wizards. Very few units have a high-enough Resistance score to avoid its destructive effects, so it can utterly savage most low-tier units, and still stands a good chance of taking out the more powerful enemy units in an instant.

Most importantly, this spell will utterly annihilate any Undead units you come across. Rival wizards do not often create Undead units, but when they do they'll make perfect targets for this spell, having virtually no chance to resist it.

Note that the spell is better against low-Resistance targets, but is also significantly better against Icon MultiFigureUnit.png Multi-Figure units than it is against Icon SingleFigureUnit.png Single-Figure units. This is because it has a higher statistical chance of killing off at least some figures in a Multi-Figure unit, thus weakening it, whereas a Single-Figure unit only has to succeed one roll to waste the spell entirely. On the other hand, if the Single-Figure unit fails its roll, it is completely destroyed.