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Common Spells are the lowest degree of Spell Rarity, a gradient for spells' Research Costs and book requirements, and usually an indicator of their casting cost and relative strength.

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Common spells are the 1st through 10th spells of each magical Realm. Common spells include low-tier Fantastic Unit Summoning Spells, simple Enchantments providing minor bonuses, simple Curses that cause little damage or are easy to  Resist, low-damage direct-damage spells, and so forth. Most of the Common spells are useful only during the early part of the campaign, and will likely be supplanted by higher-rarity spells later on. The low Casting Cost of Common spells, however, may keep them handy later whenever  Mana conservation is imperative.

Any wizard with at least 2 Spellbooks in a magical Realm will be able to pick (Spellbooks − 1) Common spells from that realm to be available for casting as soon as the game begins. A wizard starting the game with 11 Spellbooks in a single realm will have all Common spells from that realm available to him/her at game-start.

With between 1 and 10 Spellbooks in a single realm, the wizard may be able to research additional Common spells that were not available at game-start. The spells available for research are selected at random, but their number correlates directly to the number of acquired Spellbooks. Common spells require  20 to  250 to learn.

Finally, with at least 1 Spellbook in a realm, a wizard may learn any Common spells of that realm through trade with rivals, conquest of rival Fortresses, or as Treasure.

Common Spells
 Res. Nature Chaos Life Death Sorcery
20 Earth to Mud Warp Wood Bless Skeletons Resist Magic
40 Resist Elements Disrupt Star Fires Weakness Dispel Magic True
60 Wall of Stone Fire Bolt Endurance Dark Rituals Floating Island
80 Giant Strength Hell Hounds Holy Weapon Cloak of Fear Guardian Wind
100 Web Corruption Healing Black Sleep Phantom Warriors
130 War Bears Eldritch Weapon Holy Armor Ghouls Confusion
160 Stone Skin Wall of Fire Just Cause Life Drain Word of Recall
190 Water Walking Shatter True Light Terror Counter Magic
220 Sprites Warp Creature Guardian Spirit Mana Leak Nagas
250 Earth Lore Fire Elemental Heroism Darkness Psionic Blast