• Drake178

    Colored Towers of Wizardry

    February 18, 2019 by Drake178

    So apparently, Towers of Wizardry were originally meant to show who their most recent occupier was after they have been cleared. Looking at the popped Tower graphic, an astute reader may notice that the green windows and top use colors that also appear on the raw database versions of City and Hero banners. This is not an accident. The Towers were actually meant to look like this:

    Unfortunately, the programmer that wrote the code for this was probably doing it at 5am in the morning; as they made two major mistakes. When a Tower is evaluated for display on the overland map, the game checks who its last controller was. If it is an intact Tower (controller = -1), it loads the intact tower image into its temporary work area; but if it isn't, …

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  • Brainwashd

    Strategy Guide portion

    September 13, 2018 by Brainwashd

    While I understand that strategy guides ruin games and that the current setup of the wiki reporting factual information is the best way to present the content of the game with minimal spoilers for the gameplay, I think I would still like to see a strategy guide section in this wiki if only so I can see all the cool strategies other people have come up with in becoming a Master of Magic.  I've dumped a couple thousand hours into the game so I could probably be a major contributor.  I'll post here a draft-like taste of a starting strategies combinations page:

    • Spoilers for the highest difficulties of Master of Magic follow from most cheesy and easiest to execute to toughest to execute successfully*

    Cheese Tier:

    • 11 black book wraiths
    • 11 white book…

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  • Nodemaster

    I finally read the comments in 140n INSECT.TXT documenting (most of) the changes between 1.31 and 1.40, and what was fixed. I'm THRILLED by many of the fixes, so I want to thank both the person/persons who made 1.40 and the person/persons who documented those changes and later fixed the bugs that it introduced. (If I understand it, that's Kyrub and Seravy?) But I'm less than impressed by a few, and confused by several. I have numerous questions to ask of anyone who knows.

    First, does anyone else wish that FILESET would accept a format of:


    to set a long series of consecutive bytes from OL to NW? It would sure shorten the patch files in a lot of plac…

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  • Nodemaster
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  • Nodemaster

    Random Wizards patch

    August 8, 2018 by Nodemaster
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  • Nodemaster
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  • Drake178

    Bug Blog

    July 8, 2018 by Drake178

    The purpose of this post is to provide a unified surface for collecting, and hopefully helping to fix, any bugs that still remain in Master of Magic. While it was compiled by me, it is in no way my own achievement. Many of these (in fact, over half) came from [Dirk P], or Nodemaster, a great contributor to the original MoM FAQ over at gamefaqs. Others are from various people who also sent notes to said FAQ, and yet another chunk was collected by TumuRulez and posted here on the wiki.

    The list is divided into several sections.

    Need Checking:

    These are bugs I have read about, but either have not tested them myself at all, or do not know whether they still appear in the latest unofficial version (v1.51 RCx). Any information on these is welcome: p…
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  • Nodemaster

    I'm not sure whether I ever sent this stuff to the keeper of the FAQ, but
    when I looked at it last, this stuff didn't seem to be there, so I doubt
    anyone else has ever seen it.  Thus, here it is.

    Actually, I might have sent it to him and he left out much of it.  He said
    in 2003, "What I didn't add were: times where you mentioned editing the game
    file, and suggestions for spells, etc. Why? It made me too wistful for a
    sequel. Honestly, they're great suggestions, and I wish that they would make
    a MoM2 with all of those ideas in there."

    Therefore, anyone considering using these ideas in a new version, you have
    at least two votes in favor.

    Other data changes I made:

    Items I changed: I got rid of the Cloak of Fear power on every item that had
    it, all + to …

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  • Nodemaster

    MoM hero jokes

    June 7, 2018 by Nodemaster

    Here are a few Master of Magic hero jokes to make you groan.

    First soldier: I went to War College and trained until I was Elite,
    but the whole time, I never even SAW my arms master!
    Second soldier:  Oh?  Who was he?
    First soldier: Some guy called Shin Bo the ninja.

    Q: What's Reywind's motto?
    A: The more yer work, the more yer wage.

    First sage, reading the news: Here's a list of all the famous heroes,
    and I know them all except one.  Have you ever heard of this guy?
    Second sage, reading over his shoulder: Ha! It says he's super-legendary,
    but that's ridiculous!  This guy Mystic X is a complete unknown!

    What do the heroes keep as pets?

    Rakir has a falcon, obviously.
    Aerie likes her eagle (and vice versa).
    Zaldron hasn't had a pet in the last 90 years.

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  • Nodemaster

    (Wish list) New spell proposals:


    Chaos Aura: creates a half-strength chaos node aura, aiding chaos creatures
    analogous to Light or Darkness aiding life or death creatures, either as a
    city spell or a combat spell.

    Drought: enemy city enchantment; causes nearby grass, swamps, and forest to
    become desert, hills to become mountain, 10% chance each turn, eventually
    destroying all food sources for the city other than ocean/river.  Any
    nightshade in swamps is killed if the swamp dries up.  Essentially opposite
    of Gaia's Blessing.


    Sorcery Aura: as chaos aura, but for sorcery

    Blur, as a combat enchantment, should NOT be on a hit-by-hit basis, but
    instead affect each figure's entire attack each time it attacks.  Then
    it would be WORTH casting som…

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  • Nodemaster

    Bugs that (as far as I know) never made it into the FAQ.

    I'm not sure whether I ever sent this stuff to the keeper of the FAQ, but
    when I looked at it last, this stuff didn't seem to be there, so I doubt
    anyone else has ever seen it.  Thus, here it is.

    Having found an Axe of the Caster, my Draconian hero threw High Prayer in
    combat, and in the process of updating his melee, defense, and resistance,
    it also ZEROED OUT his 15-point breath attack, so he didn't have any breath
    attack AT ALL.  So, I gave the axe to my Amazon heroine, and when she threw
    High Prayer, it ZEROED OUT her 9-point thrown attack! If it wasn't going to
    boost it by 2 along with the melee attack, it should have at least LEFT IT
    ALONE.  This makes High Prayer almost useless to any h…

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  • Nodemaster

    NOTE: I've been making lists of bugs ever since I started using computers,
    so of course I started a list of bugs the day I started playing MOM1.31 years
    upon years ago.  I see that MANY of the bugs I found and sent to the FAQ
    have been addressed - generally fixed - in patched versions of MOM.  The
    following are the bugs I never did send to the keeper of the FAQ.  Some of
    them have undoubtedly been found by others, and already fixed, but since I
    haven't looked at the patched version(s) yet, I'll post this list as is.

    Comments welcome.

    As previously noted, when you build an oracle in a city that has unexplored
    areas within six squares of it, it reveals those areas even though the
    oracle is only supposed to reveal the map out to four squares.  But when…

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  • Nodemaster

    I have been editing the data within magic.exe and wizards.exe (as well
    as several other data files here and there) to fix whatever problems I
    could fix that way, and to make things more interesting, and to fix game
    balance (all in my opinion).  I haven't done any code changes, disassembling
    and hacking in new instructions, but I have made a LOT of changes to the
    data for various reasons.  This is an attempt at a complete list of what
    I changed, and why (if the reason isn't obvious from what the change is).
    [Comments added after seeing the list of patch fixes are in brackets.]

    Anyone who feels these changes are worthwhile may put them in a patch.
    I assume anyone capable of creating patches can find the right places to
    change based on my description; …

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  • Drake178

    AI Spell Research

    April 26, 2018 by Drake178

    The following is my rendition of the function that chooses which spell the AI will research next, in C(++). I don't actually code in C, so as always, feel free to point out all the mistakes I've made =P

    v1.51 condenses the AI_Res_Pri groups so they matter less, making research even more linear with regards to the actual research costs. It also replaces with in the list of special priority research; while group 33 is no longer prioritized, instead giving a squared boost to (always /50, it's the only spell in its category, and has a default priority of 1, reduced to 0 by the division). However, v1.50 also does not remove either of the bugs, so profile traits still don't make any difference.

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  • Drake178

    Research Candidates

    March 18, 2018 by Drake178

    The following is my rendition of the function called to populate the list of spells from which the game will randomly select a research candidate (whenever one is needed, the list is redone from scratch). This is the v1.31 version, I may do one for kyrub's later. This was changed in Insecticide due to the "disproportionate" amount of spells it yields. That has to do with the first half of the function, which stops evaluating the spells of a realm as soon as the rarity increases after finding at least one spell that can be researched, but is not already a candidate.

    PS: I have no idea whether that second argument declaration is actually legal or not (I don't really code in C/++), but I hope it is sufficient for the purpose of illustration. …

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  • Drake178

    Neutral Wizard Data

    October 19, 2017 by Drake178

    The game stores wizard data for the neutral player. Starting at $21D0 in the save file, or ds:$B6B2 in memory, the sixth Wizard Data structure belongs to this player. It can be used to set things like Retorts, for example Alchemy and Warlord, which will then affect all neutral units. Global Enchantments may also work in theory, although they seem to have a weird coloring issue on the Magic screen (I only checked Crusade), and I have no idea how their upkeep works (probably skipped altogether, which would be really cool).

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  • Brownpower

    Does anyone have a link or resource for an editor that can be used with Mac OSX / dosbox?  


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  • Drake178

    Large Shield?

    February 8, 2017 by Drake178

    Large Shield icon.

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  • SeravySensei

    RC4 of the 1.51 patch is now available. It incorporates the latest diplomacy fine-tuning I've made for CoM with the purpose of making diplomacy more playable/less hostile.

    Please let me know if this version is preferred, or the previous, harder diplomacy. 1.51 AI is not as good as CoM's which was the main reason for these changes.

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  • SeravySensei

    Master of Magic 1.51

    January 12, 2017 by SeravySensei

    1.51 is currently at RC3, you can find the download in the forum thread at

    There are a few details left.

    -I still need to make an optional file for a 10 book mode that works with the AI.

    -I think I was supposed to remove the starting diplomacy changes and leave them optional?

    -I believe the same was requested for some of the treasure changes? Not sure... these were voted "include" on the forum as far as I remember.

    -Some people mentioned the improved AI should come with reduced resource advantages for the AI. I can't decide on those numbers on my own because I'm not playing the game (only the CoM mod), so I will need suggestions for the new numbers.

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  • Ronaldo Smith

    So, for close to three months I was playing this game pretty intensively. It is fun to explore the huge variety of creatures, races, spells, etc.

    However, once I got the hang of how to play, I found that, even on the highest difficulty, and using just a random wizard to start with, the AI plays so poorly that it is almost trivial to defeat one opponent after another and win. The only exception is if there happens to be an enemy really close to my starting location who attacks during the very early part of the game. Otherwise it is just too easy, to the point of being boring.

    This was my experience playing both the original version and the insecticide version. Is the AI improved enough in other versions of the game to make a difference, or do…

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  • Lazram13


    June 19, 2016 by Lazram13

    Hey all, 

    I just wanted to say hello to the MOM community. A lot of my MMO friends get on me for playing a 20+-year-old game with 8-bit graphics and MIDI music. Now, knowing I'm not the only one in love with this game, and that it is still being improved upon, I don't feel so left of center. Thanks all!

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  • Ronaldo Smith

    Pointless gripe

    May 26, 2016 by Ronaldo Smith

    I first purchased MOM a long time ago. I think it was 1998, or there abouts, at a discount software outlet. I had been (and still am) a big fan of Master of Orion (original), so I was really excited about a new game by the same team.

    I played it once. I loved the depth and details, and all the thought that had gone into it.

    But I found it impossible to play. Not because of the complexity, I love complex games. It was the interface.

    The interface is one of the worst designs I have ever seen. It was almost impossible to get units to do what I wanted, especially during combat. The cursor would show one thing, I would click to do that action, then while I was clicking the cursor would change to something, or somewhere, else entirely and the unit …

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  • SeravySensei

    Master of Magic 1.5!

    December 9, 2015 by SeravySensei

    Update !

    1.5 Release candiate 6 is avaiable for download at :

    Currently condisidered changes/problems, please post your opinion on these, I can't decide on them alone :

    1. The AI isn't aggressive enough if you get a lucky roll on personalities.

    Possible solutions :

    -Lawful doesn't prevent the Militartist or Expansionist personality from declaring war automatically on weaker players.

    -Lower chance of AI picking Lawful and Peaceful personality (don't think this would be a good idea)

    -Higher bar for the "is the player becoming a threat" declaration of war check. Currently the bar is set in a way that you need 20+10*Difficulty Level-Personality modifier to always avoid war regardless of your army …

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  • Betinowi
     :: SkyDrakes-Node-BlurWeb (part2) ::
    + my SAVEGAME as zip : for you to try this out by yourself   
    please see below (bottom, after pictures)
    + additional 4 pics to explain what this
    funny behavior/ trick/ exploit/ glitch shows
    + SlideShow (15 pics)
    of my previous blogposting_"SkyDrakes-BlurWeb-exploit"
    please see below (bottom, after pictures)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    normal behaviour and results :
    with Web :: I'll loose  3 units
    or without Web :: I'll loose 4 units



    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    normal behaviour and results :
    SkyDrakes_will_move & attack


    normal behaviour and resu…

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  • Betinowi

    :: my Sky drakes Node Blur+Web exploit trick ::

    I accidently stepped over this...

     Blur + Web behaves funny vs SkyDrakes(IllusionsImmunity).

    This trick may be useful
    for high-tier MyrrorNodes
    or vs multiple SkyDrakes
    in these topics:
    ... opinions on the fastest way to capture strong nodes, ...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Please see pictures below :

    [ turn1a = at beginning of my turn 1
    [ turn1e = end(phase) of my turn 1




    casting Blur , casting Web ,
    moving ALL my units back to range-2-tiles!! (t…

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  • Blainedeyoung


    September 18, 2015 by Blainedeyoung

    I played two games all the way through on normal.  I then played one on hard, and I just played one on impossible.

    I didn't think hard was all that much harder than normal at all.  I didn't get a good start.  I could only build three cities because I was pressed up against a couple of neutral cities.  I was kind of worried at the beginning while I was building up, but when I got done I exploded and wiped out players 1, 2, 3, 4. 

    The game on impossible gave me a much better start.  I had room to build six cities, but I'd barely begun when the nearest guy started walking stacks into my territory.  I was just about to finish the forrester's guild in my capital when he declared war.  He already had a stack of units right next to my capital that …

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  • Blainedeyoung

    Both of the games that I've done extensive exploration of the nodes on Myrror I've found a Sorcerery node with these guardians.  This is the hardest combat that I've encountered in the game.  (There was one sorcerer's fortress that was guarded with four spellcasting heroes that was a serious problem, but it didn't have anything like this raw power.) 

    My go-to solution to hard battles is a nine elite paladin brigade.  This is no solution to a situation like this.  Those paladins are on a suicide mission.  They can't take all those flyers. 

    Several people on the forum love halfling slingers.  They stipulate admantine weapons which necessitates that they were produced by a city on Myrror, and give a list of spells as long as your arm.  This mak…

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  • Blainedeyoung

    My impression is, and I'd really like someone with more experience to verify this, that you can get unlimited numbers of spells in every rarity level that you've opened with spell ranks.  Let me give an example, say I have one White spell book.  That entitles me to 3 common and 1 uncommon spell, but it doesn't limit me to that.  Through trade or treasure hunting, I can acquire all the rest of the common and uncommon White spells.  But I can never acquire rare or very rare White spells unless I get more White books. 

    Is that right?

    It's a pretty strong argument to get 3 spell books in a bunch of different areas, isn't it?

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  • Blainedeyoung


    September 14, 2015 by Blainedeyoung

    I'm wondering exactly how the experience system works. 

    Is there a lump sum of experience based on the monsters you beat?  Or is it that you get experience points for taking actions in combat: casting spells, attacking, making kills, being attacked? 

    Is experience relative to the power of your group?  If you do it with six heroes, will you get less experience total than if you take those six heroes and two monsters?  Will the experience go down further with high-level heroes and powerful monsters?

    I'm going to do some observations and I'll post my findings here- when I have any.

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  • Troy Costisick

    Worlds of Magic

    September 9, 2014 by Troy Costisick

    Heya guys,

    I was wondering if anyone had heard about Worlds of Magic?  It is meant to be a true spiritual successor to Master of Magic- not in the way of HoM or Enchantress, but a true spiritual successor.  I believe the game follows in MoM's footsteps more closely than any thing ever has and honestly, more closely than anything else probably could.  Here's a good link with some information on it:

    If you're interested in a new game that is, essentially, Master of Magic HD, then you might consider looking into Worlds of Magic.  I know I'm looking forward to it coming out :)



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  • RJAK

    Age of Wonders series

    February 28, 2014 by RJAK

    Master of Magic is a pretty unique game. I think people still play it for that reason. The Age of Wonders series shares many similarities with MoM. AoW is also turnbased war & economy strategy based in a medieval world with magic and fantasy influences. I write this blog because Age of Wonders 3 will be released in a month. Here some short infos regarding the series.

    AoW 1 (1999): The first title puts more emphasis on combat. More precisely you can't build settlers or town buildings. However, there are 3 city upgrades which allow to build stronger units. There are 12 races (e.g. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins) in total. Some races will revolt under your command. So you must immigrate their cities or surpress them with guarding troops.…

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  • I like Serena

    There you go!

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  • MysticX2

    Rewards from encounters

    March 28, 2013 by MysticX2

    First, if you are reading this...I'm sorry, I wish I was a better writer. :D I try to avoid using always and never, opting for a little less definitive "almost always" or "almost never". I've tried to use them correctly on this page.

    While testing a few things I've noticed that encounters that give a reward seem to have a variety of reward "types". First there are the gold and/or mana rewards. These range from 10 gold or mana up to 200 or so of either. Sometimes an encounter will give both, but usually it is one or the other. These encounters will normally have only a few defenders, if any, but I've noticed that the reward is always the same in a given game. In other words, if you defeat some of the defenders but not all of them unti…

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  • Twilight Sparkle the Alicorn

    As I was searching for ways to play multiplayer MoM recently, stumbled onto that one - Implode's Edition. Seems to be one of the most comfortable ways to play. With few differences from the original, I think we could enjoy that one.

    I should delete that. Blogs are dummy there, they're totally unneeded on Wikia.

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